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CT Dems announce Democratic National Convention Delegate Selection Plan

Hartford, Ct. – The Connecticut Democratic Party today announced that their Delegate Selection Plan for the 2016 Democratic National Convention has been officially approved by the Democratic National Committee. Focused on emphasizing inclusion and diversity, participation is open to all voters who wish to participate as Democrats. The Party will be sharing a list of workshops in coming months to train people on the delegate selection process, and will be continuing to publicize this effort to allow for a robust and diverse delegation, which will be on the front lines of supporting our Democratic ticket.

“Democrats are the party of openness and inclusion, so I am proud that we have taken exhaustive steps to ensure that the Connecticut delegation to the Democratic National Convention will reflect the diversity of our state,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto. “Connecticut Democrats will play an integral role in the election of our next Democratic president, and I encourage people from all walks of life to participate in the delegate selection process. Our party – and our society – is strongest when the views of people from different backgrounds and experiences are heard.”

View the 2016 Delegate Selection Plan here.

VOTER HOTLINE: 1-800-518-0162

Voters who experience problems in the election today (9/16) can call our voter hotline that is staffed with legal experts to answer questions. The hotline number is 1-800-518-0162.

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CT Dems Statement on Labor Day

Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement on Labor Day:

“Without the labor movement, there would be no middle class in this country. At a time in our nation’s history where income inequality is growing, union participation is more important than ever. Unions ensure livable wages and fair working conditions, and protect against unscrupulous labor practices. Yet Republicans across the country are tripping over themselves to undermine the interests of working people, limiting the right to collectively bargain and pushing destructive ‘right to work’ legislation. On the other hand, Democrats will continue fighting for the interests of working people.

“Here in Connecticut, the Democratic Party has stood with labor to make progress. Not just in the creation of over 30,000 jobs in the past year alone, but in making Connecticut the first state to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 and the first state to ensure that people who work full time don’t have to go to work sick for fear of losing their job. We share the belief that working people deserve fair wages for an honest day’s work, and we’re proud of our Democratic leaders’ partnership with Connecticut’s labor movement.”

LG Wyman, legislative leaders, CT Dems support Planned Parenthood

Hartford, Ct. – Recently, the New Hampshire Executive Council voted to defund Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. Today, Governor Malloy will participate in an event supporting Planned Parenthood and the critical women’s health services they provide.

But it’s not just Governor Malloy. Democratic leaders across Connecticut support Planned Parenthood’s critical work. The following Democratic leaders released statements:

Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman said, “Reproductive health care is a critically important component of women’s health. From breast cancer screening, to access to contraception, Planned Parenthood provides essential services, particularly to lower-income women. I am proud that Connecticut recognizes the importance of Planned Parenthood and will continue to ensure it receives the necessary funding.”

State Senator Mae Flexer said, “Women’s health care should never be a political football. I – along with my Democratic colleagues – will stand with Connecticut women and continue to fight for Planned Parenthood and other providers of quality, affordable women’s health services.”

State Representative Toni Walker (D-New Haven), Co-Chair of the Connecticut General Assembly’s Appropriations Committee, said, “I am proud of the wonderful work Planned Parenthood of Connecticut does to help women get the care they need. By performing thousands of breast exams every year, Planned Parenthood literally saves lives. Planned Parenthood provides health services and contraceptives to thousands and thousands of Connecticut women. I will never stop fighting for women’s reproductive health.”

Connecticut Democratic Party Vice Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo said, “It is unconscionable that Republicans in Washington would ignore the facts as they attempt to pander to their anti-choice, right-wing base by defunding Planned Parenthood. The truth is that 97 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services are dedicated to vital women’s health services including cancer screening, testing, and contraception. And no federal funding is ever used to fund abortion services. This is just another examply of the GOP’s anti-women agenda.

“Republicans say there is no war on women. Yet they continue to try to take away women’s health care services. For equal work, women continue to make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, yet they oppose pay equity legislation. And they oppose earned sick time, so women no longer need to chose between taking care of a sick child or going to work. Sounds like a war on women to me.”