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FACT CHECK: CT Does Not Allow Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation

Hartford, Ct. – In the aftermath of Governor Dan Malloy’s decision to sign an executive order banning state-sponsored travel to Indiana in response to Governor Mike Pence’s decision to sign the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFFA), the conservative blogosphere erupted, claiming that Connecticut has a similar law on the books. So are they right? Does this make Governor Malloy’s decision hypocritical?


  1. While Connecticut does have a “religious freedom” law on the books from 1993, we also have dozens of laws to specifically prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. This includes, but is not limited to, employment, housing, and public accommodation
  2. Indiana’s RFFA is completely different and much broader in scope than Connecticut’s. Indiana’s version of the law includes individuals and private businesses. While, as the Huffington Post explains, Connecticut’s version is limited to religious institutions.

Bottom line:  Indiana’s law allows for discrimination; Connecticut’s does not. We do not allow discrimination. And as Governor Malloy proved yet again today, we will not tolerate discrimination anywhere in our midst. 


That’s in sharp contrast to states like Connecticut, which has an RFRA but one that pertains only to religious institutions, not private establishments. And unlike some other states, Connecticut also doesn’t permit discrimination based on sexual orientation in any private establishment or institution. [Huffington Post, 3/30/15]

The statute shows every sign of having been carefully designed to put new obstacles in the path of equality; and it has been publicly sold with deceptive claims that it is “nothing new.”  [The Atlantic, 3/30/15]



Hartford, CT — Following years of votes, amendments, and proposals that would harm urban families, the Senate Republican Caucus today held a press conference in an attempt to restore its broken image in Connecticut’s cities.

“It’s hard to believe that after steadfastly supporting Tom Foley and his regressive urban agenda, Senator Fasano and the Senate Republicans are serious about revitalizing Connecticut’s cities,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Leigh Appleby. “Republican priorities in the legislature have long disregarded the needs of working and middle class urban families. Republicans proposed eliminating the Earned Income Tax Credit, which would disproportionately affect urban families; they proposed cutting millions from urban schools – one of the best ways to grow the economy in our cities; and they have long impeded meaningful juvenile justice reform. The truth is that urban communities cannot count on Republicans.”

“I welcome anew my former Senate counterparts to the conversation about improving public safety, public education, and job growth in Connecticut cities,” said New Haven Mayor Toni N. Harp. “I hope it means they now acknowledge that healthy cities support regional economies and spur widespread growth, and I hope their votes now change on city-supportive program and funding initiatives so their actions follow this new script.”

It’s now up to Republicans to be partners on a strategy that Democrats have long championed.

Republican Tom Foley Released An Urban Agenda Wednesday That Echoes Or Revises Long-Tried Policies On Housing, Crime And Jobs, While Imposing A Strict “Marketplace” Standard On Failing Urban Schools. “In the first extensive public policy press conference of his second run for governor, Republican Tom Foley released an urban agenda Wednesday that echoes or revises long-tried policies on housing, crime and jobs, while imposing a strict ‘marketplace’ standard on failing urban schools. Foley, 62, a Greenwich businessman who was stunned by the decisive urban turnout in support of Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy in their first race four years ago, pledged a year ago that he would compete in the cities by addressing urban issues after a period of conversation and fact-finding. After campaigning largely on the economy and fiscal issues, which pollsters have found are by far the top priorities of Connecticut voters in 2014, Foley stood with five mayors in a pocket park outside city hall and pledged, ‘As governor, I’ll have no higher priority than making our cities great again.’” [CT Mirror, 09/24/14]

The Republican Plan Would Save The State More Than $120 Million A Year By Eliminating The Earned Income Tax Credit For The Working Poor. “With less than three weeks remaining in the legislative session, Republicans offered an alternative budget Thursday that rejects Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s $55 tax rebates and eliminates keno gambling. The Republican plan would save the state more than $120 million a year by eliminating the earned income tax credit for the working poor. That idea was immediately criticized by Democrats who control both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Republicans said they were offering a gimmick-free alternative to the second year of the two-year state budget that restores funding to multiple accounts that include transportation and clean energy.” [Hartford Courant, 04/17/14]




Hartford, CT — Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement this evening on today’s special elections:

“Tonight was another good night for the Democratic Party. With these results we add two more Democratic voices to the General Assembly from Bridgeport.  I know Steve Stafstrom and Ed Gomes will represent their constituents well in Hartford. They join our Democratic majorities in continuing Connecticut’s progress made over the last four years and debating important issues such as transforming our transportation system.  I wish them the best of luck as they take on this important responsibility.  I also commend Howard Lasser on a hard fought battle in a tough district. We are grateful that Howard stepped up as a candidate to campaign on our Democratic values.”




This is a shocking statement from Chris Healy the public face of the Senate Republican Caucus.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 7.24.05 PM

Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell asks the following questions of Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano:

  •     Does Senator Fasano believe what his advisor posted this evening?
  •     Does he really believe this about the President of the United States?
  •     Is this what Senator Fasano’s caucus believes?

We look forward to hearing from Senator Fasano about his reaction to this statement from his senior aide.

Healy, Recently Connected To Rowland Scandal, Gets GOP Senate Staff Job For $82,000 A Year. “Chris Healy, a former Republican state chairman who became embroiled in the federal investigation that led to former Gov. John G. Rowland’s September conviction on campaign conspiracy charges, was named as communications and policy analyst Tuesday for the state Senate Republican caucus.” [Hartford Courant, 12/30/14]