Frequently Asked Questions

icon_faq2 Find answers to our most commonly asked questions and get the information you need. You may also find and/or contact your town Democratic State Central Committee members here, or contact us at the CT Democratic Party here.


When is the next time I vote?
In 2017, most towns will vote on November 7, 2017. Polls are open from 6 AM to 8 PM.
How do I register to vote in Connecticut?
A registration form is available in English or Spanish. Download the form and mail the completed form in a sealed envelope to the registrar of voters in your town. Beginning on the second page of this document, the name and address of the registrar of voters for every town is listed.:

Registrar of Voters by town »

The second way is to go online and register to vote:

Register to Vote Online >>

Where do I vote? Where is my polling place?
Use this quick and easy form to find out.

What do I need to bring with me to vote in Connecticut?
Complete details are on this page of the Secretary of the State’s web site:

Does my ID need to have the address printed on it?
No, it does not. Your identification needs to fit one of these three categories:

  • Name and Picture, OR;
  • Name and Address, OR;
  • Name and Signature.
My driver’s license says that it is not for federal identification. Can I still use it as identification at the polling place?
Yes. You may continue to use your current driver’s license at the polling place when you vote. When you check in to vote, in lieu of the driver’s license, you may also show a credit card with your name and signature, or an ID with your name and photograph, or any document with your name and address, such as a checkbook or a utility bill.


How do I find out who represents me in Congress?
Click on this link to find your United States congressman/congresswoman; or your senator in the CT state legislature; or your representative in the CT state legislature.

How do I contact my member of Congress?
You will find complete contact information for Connecticut’s two U.S. senators and five U.S. congressmen/congresswomen at this site.

How do I contact the Governor?
You will find complete information at the link below.

How do I contact the Lt. Governor, Secretary of the State, Connecticut Comptroller, Connecticut State Treasurer or the Governor?
You will find complete information at the link below.

How do I find out who represents me in the Connecticut General Assembly? How do I contact them?
You can look up your state legislator by using your street address right here.


How do I get involved with the party locally?
Contact your local Democratic Town Committee here.

I want to volunteer. Where do I sign up?
You can sign up to volunteer here.

How do I get updates on what’s going on?
There are several different ways to stay in touch with us: Sign up for our e-newsletter, The Connecticut Connection, by clicking here. You can also follow us on Facebook, read our press releases, or follow us on Twitter.
How do I get my event posted on your website?
You can submit your events through our online form.


Who runs the Connecticut Democratic Party?
Nick Balletto was unanimously elected as the Connecticut Democratic Party Chair in January of 2015 after serving as State Party Vice Chair for four years under Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo. You can read more about Nick in his bio.

CT Democratic Party Staff
You can also find out more about the staff of the Connecticut Democratic Party by clicking below.

Where can I find the party rules?
You can find the party rules by clicking the button below.

What is the DSCC?
The Democratic State Central Committee is a committee comprised of two representatives – one man, one woman — from each state senate district. You can view the members by clicking below.

What is a Democratic Town or City Committee? How do I get in touch with a DTC?
Get contact information for a DTC by clicking below.