June 21, 2016/News

Important Questions For Clay Cope

In a press release today, congressional candidate Clay Cope asked – if the FBI “knew about and questioned”┬áthe Orlando nightclub shooter – “why was this terror attack not prevented?”

But Cope’s release fails to address whether he would support a bill that could actually prevent future terrorist attacks by preventing people on terror watch lists from purchasing deadly weapons.

“The question for Clay Cope is simple. Does he join 85% of Americans in supporting legislation to keep guns out of the hands of potential terrorists, or would he – like almost every Republican in Congress – sacrifice public safety and cave to the will of the NRA?

“If Clay Cope wants to be taken seriously as a congressional candidate, he needs to be clear about where he stands on keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists. His silence on this matter speaks volumes.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby