September 15, 2016/Press Releases

CT Dems’ Statement on Republicans Campaigning on the Capitol Steps

From Executive Director Michael Mandell: “Actions speak far louder than words, and Connecticut Republicans leave no doubt they are the party of Donald Trump. The top House Republican and GOP legislators from both chambers attended the Republican National Convention as Trump delegates, and the vast majority of GOP legislators have declared their support for his hateful, divisive campaign. This attempt to change the narrative is disingenuous.

“Unfortunately, this is what we have come to expect from legislative Republicans. They have offered no real solutions while loudly rooting for Connecticut’s failure.  At the same time, Democrats have made the hard choices necessary to move our state forward, and the results have been real. We have the highest graduation rate in our state’s history, the lowest number of inmates in 20 years, an uninsured rate of 6%, and over 100,000 private sector jobs created since Governor Malloy took office.

“The Republicans are attempting to distract from their record – and for good reason. Their record, simply put, continues to place politics over making hard choices for the people of Connecticut.”