September 12, 2017/Press Releases

Fasano and Stewart surrogates defend Trump’s DACA actions

Hartford, Ct. – While Senator Len Fasano and Mayor Erin Stewart try to sell themselves as moderates, their chief strategists, Chris Healy and Jodi Latina respectively, spent their Sunday on Capitol Report TV, loudly supporting President Trump’s recent action to rescind President Obama’s DACA program and put 10,000 Connecticut DREAMers at risk of deportation.

Jennifer Schneider: … there are 10,000 people in Connecticut who are going to be affected by this, and Republican gubernatorial candidates don’t want to say anything.
Chris Healy: You are making this up. There is no one who is going to be affected, if you listen to anything as opposed to jump ugly. Let the Congress run it. Let the Congress fund it.
Roy Occhiogrosso: Let the Congress run it? What faith do you have that they can get anything done?
Jodi Latina: Nobody is being deported. Unless you are committing a crime, no one is being deported. You can re-apply for your permit…
Healy: What about the regular people of this country? Where’s their special program?
Healy: What I’m saying is this is Barack Obama’s little game, and it’s being erased as it should be.

Healy and Latina, both municipal candidates on the ballot in this year’s election in Wethersfield, doubled down on President Trump’s inaccurate assertion that DREAMers have “nothing to worry about.” At the same time, the Trump administration is telling DACA recipients to plan to be deported.
“This is yet another example of Connecticut Republicans showing their true colors. While they publicly try to distance themselves from Donald Trump, they have shown time and time again that, from a policy perspective, they align with the Trump administration — on even their most extreme positions.

“The 10,000 DREAMers in Connecticut are Americans for all intents and purposes. The are productive members of our society. The idea that we would deport them to a country they have never known is cruel and harmful. Democrats are proud to stand with DREAMers. Now we know where Republicans stand. 

“These are candidates running for local office, school board, and city council – offices we hope will serve all members of our community regardless of partisanship. This raises real questions about the direction of Connecticut Republicans. Is this really the leadership and empathy we expect in our public servants? Who are the real leaders of the Connecticut Republican Party and what do they stand for? Who is really behind crafting the party’s agenda and platform?” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell