March 24, 2018/Press Releases

Statement from Connecticut Democratic Party Chair Nick Balletto on March for Our Lives

Hartford, CT – Today, thousands of people attended March for Our Lives events in Connecticut and across the country. Connecticut State Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement:

“I am in awe of the students who organized and marched today, and proud that Democratic elected officials chose to march with them. Nearly 10,000 people gathered in Hartford today, with more marches across Connecticut and across the country asking leaders for legislation that will prevent further gun violence, amid an epidemic of school shootings. The activism of students who have turned grief and fear into action is inspiring and deserving of our full support. Gun violence is a personal issue to Connecticut, and I thank everyone who has courageously shared their stories and let our politicians know that enough is enough. I am proud to stand with the victims of gun violence, teachers, students, parents, and voters who are asking for legislation that will keep us safe.

“This is about our values, and Democratic values mean standing up and fighting against gun violence and organizations like the NRA who try to thwart efforts to prevent it. The silence from Republican elected officials and candidates on gun violence prevention is striking, irresponsible, and deafening. The difference could not be more clear: Democrats are listening to the 97% of Americans who want to do something about gun violence, and Republicans are staying silent and cowering to Donald Trump’s pro-gun agenda. Now is not the time to stay silent, and I have no doubt that voters should and will make their voices heard at the ballot box this November.”