April 13, 2018/Press Releases

Erin Stewart Wants to Lead CT, But Can’t Answer Questions on Gun Safety

Hartford, CT – At a public coffee event, when offered the opportunity to answer questions about protecting our communities, Erin Stewart refused to answer simple questions.

When asked about bump stocks, Stewart said that legislation to ban equipment that allows rifles to fire at the rate of a machine gun was “unnecessary.” She also refused to answer questions on increasing background checks, legislation that 97% of Americans support, by saying she was a supporter of the second amendment and a gun owner.


“We would expect any credible candidate for Governor to be able to answer simple questions on gun safety legislation,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “Republicans don’t seem to understand–this isn’t about taking away second amendment rights, it’s about enacting legislation that would stop the epidemic of mass shootings that now occur more than once a day on average in the United States. If Erin Stewart wants to be the next Governor of Connecticut, she should be comfortable answering questions on gun safety legislation. And for someone who describes herself as a “different kind of candidates” Stewart seems to be falling in line with the national Republicans in her refusal to say that she supports commonsense measures to end gun violence.”