May 11, 2018/Press Releases

Republicans Won’t Fight for Women’s Reproductive Rights 

Hartford, CT – The Trump administration has made it clear that one of their priorities is rolling back progress on women’s health and access to reproductive care. From allowing employers to deny coverage of contraception, to undermining Medicaid, to attacking Planned Parenthood, which provides a range of healthcare services for over 2.5 million people, the Trump administration has attempted to roll back women’s access to vital health care services. Democratic leaders in Connecticut have fought back to ensure women have access to vital health services, with Governor Malloy promising to maintain Planned Parenthood funding.

As the Trump administration continues to wage a war on women, where do Republican gubernatorial candidates stand?

  • Mark Boughton is against a woman’s right to choose and hasn’t said anything about President Trump’s steps to make it harder for women to access contraceptives.
  • Tim Herbst once ordered the Trumbull Library to remove a painting that depicted Mother Teresa standing with Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, but insisted his issue with the painting had nothing to do with the content of the painting.
  • Peter Lumaj compared Planned Parenthood to the NRA.
  • Steve Obsitnik says he’s pro-choice but hasn’t said anything publicly as Donald Trump continues to attack women’s health services.
  • Prasad Srinivasan has also said he is pro-choice but voted against a bill in the state legislature that would protect health coverage for women, children, and adolescents that could otherwise be taken away if Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act.
  • Erin Stewart also claims to be pro-choice but has said nothing to stand up to Donald Trump on women’s health.
  • Mike Handler, Mark Lauretti, Bob Stefanowski, and David Stemerman have not spoken about this issues.

Make no mistake, each one of these candidates had the opportunity to weigh in. This was a deliberate choice that they made as Republicans, as candidates, as Connecticut residents, and as neighbors to those that would be impacted. They use social media, speak to reporters, and hold public events – the failure to address this fundamental issue is a complete and abject failure of these candidates to stand up, lead, and fight for Connecticut families. They must be held accountable.

“We need a Governor who will stand up for women in Connecticut as this administration continues to roll back women’s access to the healthcare they need,” said Democratic State Party Chair Nick Balletto. “The Trump administration has made it clear where they stand, and now every single gubernatorial candidate must make it clear if they are going to fight for women’s health or capitulate to Trump’s repeated attacks on Planned Parenthood. Connecticut voters have a choice: a Republican who will fail to stand up to their party leaders or a Democrat who will stand up for Connecticut women.”