May 12, 2018/Press Releases

Trump is Already a Winner at Connecticut Republican Convention

Hartford, CT – Regardless of which candidates emerge with the Republicans’ endorsement at their Convention, Trump is clearly a winner.

Manny Santos, Matthew Corey, and Sue Hatfield won the Republicans’ endorsement on their praise and wholehearted embrace of Donald Trump. And while the entire gubernatorial field has already embraced Donald Trump, Mark Boughton gave a special nod to the President by wearing a Trump golf course polo to the convention.

“Connecticut Republicans are giving Donald Trump his candidates in Connecticut,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “We haven’t just seen these candidates embrace Donald Trump–they have actively campaigned on his policies and his rhetoric. The Connecticut Republican Convention is the Donald Trump show, putting his politics and his polos on display. Every single candidate up and down the Republican ticket will not only capitulate to Donald Trump’s agenda, they will be his advocate in Connecticut during their campaign and it is exactly how they would conduct policy if they were to be elected. The only question that remains, when will Donald Trump show up to rally his party’s faithful?”