July 26, 2018/Press Releases

Republicans Defend Trump’s Tariff War Even Though It’s Disastrous for CT

Hartford, CT – At yesterday’s debate, Republicans stood by Donald Trump on trade. The facts are clear, Trump’s trade war is bad for Connecticut business:

  • Hartford Courant: “Connecticut Manufacturers Jeer Trump’s Tariffs”
  • CT Post: “Connecticut loses in tariff war”
  • Wall Street Journal: “From Wisconsin to Connecticut, Small Businesses Feel Pain of Tariffs”
  • NBC Connecticut: “A New Round of Proposed Trump Tariffs Would Hit US Consumers”
  • WFSB: “Global tariff raises could mean trouble for CT”
  • Hartford Business: “CT defense industry a likely loser under Trump tariff plan”

But we know that Republicans won’t let facts get in the way of supporting Donald Trump. Here’s what Republican gubernatorial candidates had to say at yesterday’s debate:

  • Mark Boughton: “I support the President’s effort to put us on a fair and level playing field.”
  • Tim Herbst: “The Presidents recognized that we need to have a more equal playing field on trade.”
  • Steve Obsitnik: “A fair playing field will help my business and other businesses.”
  • David Stemerman: “I support his effort to put us on a fair playing field”
  • Bob Stefanowski: “President Trump is smart. It’s a negotiating tactic.”

“It’s truly incredible–even with overwhelming evidence that Donald Trump’s trade war has hurt the state of Connecticut, Republican gubernatorial candidates still can’t find the courage to stand up to him,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi. “Let’s be very clear, in the face of facts and figures, Republicans have chosen to stand with Donald Trump over Connecticut manufacturers and businesses.”