August 22, 2018/Press Releases

Statement from Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff on Bob Stefanowski’s Reckless Income Tax Plan

Hartford, CT – Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff released the following statement on Bob Stefanowski’s income tax plan that would raise property taxes, slash services, and drive a $10 billion hole in the budget:

“Bob Stefanowski’s proposal to eliminate the state income tax is like a fake ad promising chocolate cake is the secret to losing weight. He should own up to the fact that he will be the chief author and steward for raising property taxes on the middle class and working people all across the state.  His economic plan has been tried and tested nationally at least three times and in states. Most recently the people of Kansas were the latest victims. Each time, the Laffer model has failed spectacularly.

“If Mr. Stefanowski’s goal is to gut education, roll back investments in higher education, starve our transportation system and create double-digit property taxes increases on our middle class families–just own up to it.”