April 26, 2022/Press Releases

CT Dems Call on Bob Stefanowski to Release Tax Returns and Client List

CT Dems Chair: Voters have a right to know how Bob earns his money, and from whom. 

HARTFORD, CT – Five days ago, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski promised to release his tax returns. So far,  nothing but silence from him and his campaign. It’s not really a surprise that Bob is, once again, failing to be transparent; he delayed releasing his taxes till the last minute in 2018. The difference this time: he is not just hiding his tax records, he’s hiding the list of consulting clients that are the sources of his income.  

When Bob ran for Governor in 2018, he was a leader of a shady payday lending company that profited off keeping vulnerable people in poverty with indefensibly-high interest rates. In 2022, we don’t know how Bob has earned his income, from whom, or what they paid him. 

“When he ran in 2018, Bob refused to share tax records until the last days of the campaign. In 2022, it looks like he’s doing the same thing. What’s Bob hiding? Isn’t ’transparency’ one of his campaign promises? If he is so reluctant to be transparent with voters, he has no place in state government,” CT Democratic Chair Nancy DiNardo said. “Bob should release his tax returns and his clients lists today. Voters have a right to know how he earns his money, and from whom.”