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Since Donald Trump took office, we’ve seen a huge swell of engagement and civic action. Whether you participated in a march or protest recently, called an elected official, or spoke out in your community, every act makes a different.

But, that’s not going to be enough if we want lasting change. If we want to truly make an impact, we need more people to step up and be part of their local government.

President Obama said it himself: “That’s what our democracy demands. It needs you.” And we agree!

Are you interested in running for local office? It could be anything from planning and zoning committees, the Board of Education, or even mayor! Click here to let us know, and we’ll follow up with help on getting you started.

If we start organizing and getting involved with local government now, we’ll be able to make a MAJOR difference in Connecticut and fight back against Trump’s dangerous agenda.

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CT Dems


Hartford, Ct. – Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement in response to Governor Malloy’s biennial budget address:

“Today Governor Malloy introduced a responsible budget that makes tough choices and brings much-needed stability to state government. I’m an accountant. I understand the fiscal circumstances in which the state finds itself, and this proposal is another step in the right direction. I am confident that Democratic leaders are ready to be a part of the solution as this budget process begins. 

I hope Republicans will come to the table in good faith, but, judging from past actions, including their recent voting record on pension stabilization, that may be wishful thinking. No longer can we allow Republicans to cast blame as if they are bystanders when many of their leaders voted in the past to create the systemic problems that the Governor and the Democratic leaders are addressing today. As elected officials, we are hopeful that they share the burden of governing, not just seeking to score political points by avoiding leadership responsibilities.”

CT Dems’ Statement on Closure of Federal Inquiry into Campaign Finance Activities During 2014 Election

Hartford, Ct. – Yesterday afternoon the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee was informed that the US Attorney’s Office has ended its inquiry into the campaign finance questions regarding the 2014 election.

In response, Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell released the following statement:

“We have always been confident that there was no wrongdoing in the way in which the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee operated during the 2014 elections and that we complied fully with both the letter and the spirit of state and federal campaign finance laws. 
When we learned of the United States Attorney’s inquiry, we announced that we would cooperate fully with the federal authorities – and we did. We produced the information requested, which included tens of thousands of pages of documents and provided other information as needed.

As part of our response, we were able to obtain from the non-partisan Office of the General Counsel of the Federal Election Commission a previously unreleased draft opinion completely supporting our belief that we were required, as a matter of mandatory federal law, to pay for the mailers at issue in the inquiry with federally-raised funds. We provided that draft opinion to the United States Attorney.

We appreciate the efforts of the US Attorney’s office in reviewing our positions and supporting documents and evaluating the complexities of the law and often conflicting requirements of state and federal campaign finance law. Any further questions about this matter will be addressed by our attorney, David Golub.

The State Party continues to believe in the strong campaign finance laws under which we operate here in Connecticut. That is why we came to a landmark agreement with the SEEC last year to strengthen our clean elections program and voluntarily remove the conflicts between state and federal law. We hope that this will become the paradigm here in Connecticut.

With this issue now behind us, the Connecticut Democratic Party can resume once more fulfilling its mission and function as a State Party, without question, in holding Republicans accountable for their actions and policies, fighting for working families, assisting our elected officials on all levels, and most importantly supporting and electing people who will protect our values from Connecticut to Washington.”


Hartford, CT – To date, Connecticut Republicans have surrendered the mantle of leadership and left it to Connecticut GOP Chairman JR Romano to address the widely panned executive actions that have caused chaos through the immigration system, tarnished our relationships with international partners, hampered our national security, and threatened the values we hold dear as welcoming and tolerant society.

Here is what US Senators with experience on homeland security and foreign relations on both sides of the aisle have said:

US Senator Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) (CT Mirror, 1/30/2017)

“President Trump’s irresponsible and shameful executive order makes America less safe, and Congress needs to block its implementation immediately. Trump has handed ISIS a recruitment gift that ultimately will get Americans killed”

US Senators John McCain (R-Arizona) and Lindsey Graham (R- South Carolina) (CNN, 1/29/2017)

“We fear this executive order will become a self-inflicted wound in the fight against terrorism,” McCain and Graham said in a joint statement, adding that Trump’s executive order “may do more to help terrorist recruitment than improve our security.”

Then here is what CT GOP Chairman JR Romano (with no formal experience in homeland security or foreign relations):

Hartford Courant (1/29)“This has turned into a political frenzy,” Romano said. “Has this created a PR problem? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, it’s about keeping Americans safe.”

Connecticut Post (1/30)J.R. Romano, the state Republican chairman, urged Democrats and demonstrators “to calm down.”…“President Trump said from the beginning he was going to put American families first,” Romano said. “Our visa program has been a mess…So he’s asking we hit the pause button for 90 days to make sure we get this right and something bad doesn’t happen to American citizens.”

Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto Released the following statement in response: 

“Chairman Romano is the only GOP official or elected leader taking the mantle of leadership on this issue and speaks for Connecticut Republicans and their elected leaders, with only slight exception.

 So let me say this to Chairman Romano: we will not calm down or hit a pause button on upholding our values as Americans and rising up when we believe we must exercise rights as citizens in a democracy and when our neighbors and members of our community are afraid for their future.

To say that these actions have improved our national security or “put American families first” is not only mistaken, it is perilous. Instead of having a thoughtful and constructive discussion about improving our immigration system and our national security with key leaders of either party, let alone the President’s own cabinet (nominated or confirmed) having the chance to vet the Executive Order, President Trump set our immigration system ablaze to check off a campaign promise. In a stroke of the pen, he has undermined our reputation with global partners and the values we stand by internationally.”