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Chairman Balletto’s Statement On Passage Of Sikorsky Deal

Hartford, Ct. – Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement.

“Governor Malloy, Lt. Governor Wyman, and Democratic legislative leaders deserve our thanks. Before this deal, Sikorsky was ready to manufacture the King Stallion helicopter in another state, but, thanks to good work by the governor and his team, Connecticut will continue to be a world leader in aerospace manufacturing for years to come. Sikorsky’s continued commitment to Connecticut will not only preserve and create 8,000 jobs at the company, but also create even more new positions through increased in-state investments at small businesses down the supply chain.

“This deal is a win-win for our state and our economic future, and I’m proud of our Democratic legislative leaders for taking quick action to get it passed.”

Trump Flops, Romano Blames The Moderator

Donald Trump had a rough time in last night’s debate. He rambled incoherently about his years-long promulgation of racist birther theories, lied repeatedly about opposing the Iraq war, and dodged questions on why he’s hiding his tax returns. In short, it was a disaster for the Republican nominee.

Never one to concede defeat, however, Connecticut Republican Party Chairman and staunch Trump apologist J.R. Romano blamed the debate’s moderator, according to the Hartford Courant.

J.R. Romano, chairman of the state Republican Party, chastised moderator Lester Holt for not asking pointed questions of Clinton about the private email server she used while secretary of state or ties between the State Department and donors to her family’s charitable foundation. Trump faced a number of questions about his business dealings, his failure to release his tax returns and doubts he had raised about whether Obama was born in the United States.

“I felt that it was disrespectful to the American public to make a bigger issue out of the Barack Obama birther issue than the Clinton Foundation,” Romano said. He accused Holt of having an agenda heading into the debate, but said that Trump handled himself well, despite being on the defensive for much of the 90 minutes.

That’s right: Romano actually tried to blame Donald Trump’s horrible performance on moderator and registered Republican Lester Holt, despite Trump himself saying Holt did “a very good job.”

“Donald Trump failed to deliver, plain and simple. He reinforced the central criticism used against him even by members of his own party: he’s temperamentally unfit to serve as president. I understand that Republicans want to change the subject, but J.R. Romano’s argument that Trump’s racist birtherism should have somehow been off-limits is ridiculous. Donald Trump spent five years pushing the discredited theory that our first African-American president was not born in this country. It fueled his political rise, and now the GOP chairman wants the media to pretend it didn’t happen? If Republicans want to be the party of personal responsibility, they should start by taking responsibility for their standard-bearer.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell

Gov. Malloy, Lt. Gov. Wyman, CT Dems’ Statements On The First Presidential Debate

Hartford, Ct. – Gov. Dan Malloy, Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, and Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statements in response to this evening’s presidential debate.

Tonight we saw two drastically different visions for the future of our country,” said Governor Malloy, who attended the debate. “On the one hand, Hillary Clinton is steady and has real plans to move our country forward, build on President Obama’s progress, and improve America’s standing on the global stage. On the other hand, Donald Trump is inconsistent and lacks the temperament to serve as president. As he proved once again on the debate stage, he has no real plans on many of the most important issues facing our country, and his relationship with the truth is hostile at best. After watching both candidates, I am more committed than ever to doing everything in my power to make sure Hillary Clinton is elected on November 8.”

“Hands down, Hillary Clinton won tonight’s debate, and it wasn’t close,” said Lt. Governor Wyman. “Her experience, her grasp of the most important issues at home and around the world, and her outstanding leadership skills make her uniquely qualified to serve as president on day one. Hillary believes, as I do, that our country is stronger when everyone has a seat at the table, and I know that, as president, Hillary will bring people together and get real results, just as she always has.”

“Hillary Clinton showed us tonight that she is ready to be our commander-in-chief,”said Chairman Balletto. “At the same time, Donald Trump showed us that he’s temperamentally unfit to be dogcatcher, much less president of the United States. Unfortunately, almost every GOP elected official in Connecticut continues to support Trump’s hateful, divisive campaign. I, along with the Connecticut Democratic Party, am fully committed not only to stopping Donald Trump, but also soundly defeating the Connecticut Republicans supporting him.”

AGAIN: Senate Republicans Using Taxpayer Resources To Campaign

Yesterday Connecticut Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano continued his caucus’s long history of blurring the line between campaigns and official business. In an official press conference at the Capitol, the Senate GOP outlined an unambiguous campaign platform thinly veiled as a “legislative agenda” released less than two months before Election Day.

The idea that Senate Republicans were not using this “agenda” – which is now postedon the Connecticut Senate Republicans’ official website – to promote their campaigns is laughable. Sen. Art Linares – who attended the official press conference – today issued a campaign press release to promote the very same agenda as his re-election platform.

“Senate Republicans, once again, are using taxpayer resources to benefit their campaigns. This is a clear violation of public trust and further proof that Connecticut Republicans are far more interested in scoring cheap political points than effectively governing. Even as Republicans rehash the same tired talking points this year in an attempt at relevancy, there is no rationale that makes this ethical.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby