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Hartford, CT – Today Tom Foley thought he was holding a political theater press conference to decry lost jobs at Fusion Paperboard. But he was called out quickly, forced to admit he never reached out to the company, workers, or town officials before his visit.

Showing up more than 30 minutes late for his own event, Mr. Foley was confronted by workers from the mill, who questioned why he was there. The video of the entire exchange can be found here.

The most contentious portions of the video can be seen between:

  • 4:07 – 6:40

  • 11:54 – 14:26

  • 15:55 – 17:00

  • 23:42 – 24:30

  • 26:20 – 28:25

The visit was particularly ironic because Fusion Paperwork is owned by a private equity company. Tom Foley, who went there to lament lost jobs, also laid off hundreds and hundreds of workers at Bibb Co. while he helped run the NTC group.


TODAY: Will Tom Foley denounce Gov. Christie for his offensive comments to Newtown gun control advocates?

Hartford, CT - For weeks, controversy has swirled around Governor Chris Christie after he vetoed commonsense gun legislation and refused to meet with families of Newtown victims. But he’s found the time to make it to Connecticut – today – to fundraise.

Saying his mind was already made up, Christie claimed advocates didn’t care about victims of gun violence unless all weapons were banned:

“Are we saying then that the 10 children on the clip that they advocate for, that their lives are less valuable? If you take the logical conclusion of their argument, you go to zero, because every life is valuable.”

He also called life-saving limits to high-capacity magazines “trivial”.

Foley, too, has been a consistent opponent of Connecticut’s smart, strict gun law, calling it an “inconvenience.”

“It takes a lot of chutzpah for Governor Christie to insult the families of Newtown one week, then fundraise in their state the next,” said Devon Puglia, Democratic Party spokesman. “We know Tom Foley thinks our smart, strict gun law signed by Governor Malloy is ‘inconvenient’, but does he think Governor Christie’s actions are acceptable?”

“Will Tom Foley finally stand up for Connecticut and Newtown families today by denouncing Governor Christie’s insulting words and reckless actions? While Tom Foley often struggles to provide specifics on complicated policy questions, this is an issue he can be crystal clear on with Connecticut voters.”


A MESSAGE DELIVERED TO THE GOP FROM THE GROUND: USPS TRACKING NUMBERS 9114901159818030323781, 9114901159818030323804, AND 9114901159818030323798

Democratic Party Hobby Lobby Petition Of 549 Signatures Sent to the Connecticut GOP, Tom Foley, and John McKinney

Hartford, CT The Connecticut Democratic Party today announced that a social media petition it launched immediately following the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling just three weeks ago has received 549 signatures. When the ruling was handed down, the Connecticut Democrats’ position was clear—it stood with women and their reproductive rights. The Republicans, however, were radio silent.

The overwhelming response to the petition—promoted for a brief period only via email, on Twitter, and through Facebook—demonstrates residents’ demand for answers. Silence is not an option on an issue as important as this.

Yet, Tom Foley, John McKinney, and Jerry Labriola have failed to offer a clear position. They were totally silent on the issue until yesterday’s GOP debate, during which Tom Foley and John McKinney gave almost incoherent, non-answers. Tom Foley said, “I think it’s a very important discussion for us all to be having right now.” John McKinney, similarly, responded to a Hobby Lobby question by saying, “I’m running to be the governor of Connecticut, not a Supreme Court Justice…” He then answered the question on women’s reproductive rights by discussing taxes.

Because of the lack of clarity from the Republican gubernatorial candidates on the issue, the Democratic Party took action this morning, sending the names of the petition signers to the Connecticut GOP, Tom Foley, and John McKinney. For their reference, so they are aware of how much time they have before receiving the petition from over 500 residents, the United States Postal Service tracking numbers are:

  • Tom Foley: Tracking Number 9114901159818030323781

  • John McKinney: Tracking Number 9114901159818030323804

  • Jerry Labriola: Tracking Number 9114901159818030323798

For Jerry Labriola and the Republican gubernatorial candidates, the clock is ticking. Will they go a full three weeks without articulating a position on this important ruling? Will they flat-out ignore not just the more than 500 people who signed this petition, but also women across Connecticut?

“Tom Foley, John McKinney, and Jerry Labriola must provide an answer to a basic question—do they support women and their right to safe contraception, or do they stand with corporations working against women? Silence or evasive answers are not options, either for these over 500 signers or for voters across Connecticut,” said Nancy DiNardo, Chairwoman of the Connecticut Democratic Party. “While the Democrats have been clear, Republicans have dodged important questions to women. We believe health care decisions should be made by a woman and her doctor—not her boss. Mr. Foley, Mr. McKinney, and Mr. Labriola, you must tell us—and women across Connecticut—where you stand.”

Photos are below.



NJ Gov. Christie Can’t Make Time for Sandy Hook Parents, But Can Find the Time to Come to CT to Raise Money for the CT Republican Party?

Hartford, CT – If voters want to know where the Connecticut Republican Party and its candidates for Governor stand on guns, look no further than an upcoming Chris Christie fundraiser.

Fresh off a veto of a commonsense gun safety bill in New Jersey, Governor Christie will soon be coming to Connecticut to raise money for the Connecticut Republicans and their candidates for Governor.

In addition to vetoing the bill, Gov. Christie called it “trivial.” Not satisfied, he somehow also managed to insult the parents of the victims of Sandy Hook.

When Sandy Hook parents personally came to his office to deliver a petition with more than 55,000 signatures in support of limiting high-capacity magazines, they were rebuffed by Governor Christie. New Jersey’s Governor has time to travel to Connecticut for a fundraiser, but won’t meet with Connecticut parents affected by a devastating tragedy?

Even Republicans have slammed him for his actions, calling his arguments “painful.”

If voters are unsure about where the CT GOP and its candidates for Governor stand on Connecticut’s gun law, they should look no further than this fundraiser. These are the same candidates who called Connecticut’s common sense gun law “inconvenient” and said they’d sign a bill repealing the law.

“It’s remarkable that Chris Christie has the audacity to insult the parents of Sandy Hook victims, but then come to Connecticut to hobnob, glad-hand, and raise money. It’s an insult to family-members of Newtown victims – and it’s a slap in the face to this state,” said Devon Puglia, Democratic Party spokesman. “We know Tom Foley has called Connecticut’s smart, strict gun law ‘inconvenient’, and we know John McKinney has said he’d sign a bill repealing the law, but even given that, they ought to admonish Governor Christie for what he’s done.”