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Absentee Balloting in Connecticut

The General Election is Tuesday, November 3rd

Every voter in CT may use an Absentee Ballot this year. An application was automatically mailed to you in mid-September.

The Absentee Ballots themselves will be mailed to all voters who send in an application.

If you do not wish to vote by Absentee Ballot, polling places will be open on November 3. You may vote in person, taking all necessary precautions, during regular voting hours on between 6 AM and 8 PM. Look up your polling place here.

To vote via Absentee Ballot:
STEP 1: Get Your Ballot

Absentee Ballot applications were sent to all active voters. Check the “COVID-19” box if that’s the reason you are choosing to vote absentee. You can return it using the postage-paid envelope.

You may request an absentee ballot at any time up to November 2 (Do not wait. Apply now). Use the links below to download an application. Mail it to your Town Clerk. Addresses for all Town Clerks are at the link below.

Absentee Ballot from the Clerk.
[Application in English]
[Application in Spanish; Aplicación en Español]
[List of Clerk addresses and contact info: Lista de direcciones]

Fill out the application completely. Check the COVID-19 box if that’s the reason and sign the application. 

Step 2: Vote

The first Absentee Ballots were sent starting October 2. As soon as you apply, your Town Clerk will send you one. When you get the Ballot, fill it out and return it.

The ballot comes with two envelopes: the inner envelope and the outer envelope.

Mark your ballot using a black pen.

Place the marked ballot into the INNER envelope. SIGN, DATE, and SEAL the inner envelope.  You’ll notice that this inner envelope has a bar code. That is unique to your ballot.

Place the inner envelope into the OUTER envelope (the mailing envelope), being sure that the Clerk’s address shows through the window. Seal the outer envelope.

We recommend that every voter deliver a completed ballot to the Drop Box located outside your Town or City Hall. You may mail in your completed ballot, but if it is after October 20th, please use the Drop Box.

Where is your town’s Absentee Ballot Drop Box?
Where is your polling place on Election Day?
Look it up!


Please be sure:
✅ ONE Ballot per envelope
✅ SIGN, DATE, AND SEAL the inner envelope
✅ Make sure it ARRIVES at your Town Clerk by November 3.

We recommend using the Official Ballot Drop Box if you are able. The Drop Box should be outside your Town or City Hall. It looks like this:

Ballot Dropbox Photo Ballot Dropbox Photo

Make sure of the following to ensure your ballot is counted:

  • Put only one ballot per envelope
  • Make sure to sign and seal the inner envelope, and put your ballot in that envelope
  • Mark your ballot carefully – completely fill in the bubble next to your candidate’s name, and don’t make any extraneous marks or notes on the ballot
  • Keep your eye on the calendar and get that ballot in on time!

For more information see: https://portal.ct.gov/SOTS/Election-Services/Voter-Information/Absentee-Voting

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