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With Donald Trump and a Republican Congress working overtime to roll back progress on everything from healthcare to climate change and Connecticut Republicans standing idly by, the Connecticut Democratic Party is fighting for our values by holding Republicans accountable and working to elect Democrats at the federal, state, and local levels.

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Leadership starts with you. Since Donald Trump’s election, Democratic activists and organizations have been more energized than ever before, but in order to fight back against the Trump agenda and elect Democrats, we need your help.

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Press Releases/March 23, 2018

#TBT: Tim Herbst Cuts Teacher’s Benefits After Giving Himself a Raise

Hartford, CT - As First Selectman of Trumbull in 2016, Tim Herbst rolled back Trumbull teacher’s benefits to save money in Trumbull’s budget, but not before receiving a 22% raise in 2014. By cutting teacher’s benefits, Herbst was violating a collective bargaining agreement made between the Trumbull Education Association and the Trumbull Board of Education. Herbst’s budget reduction also caused over 80 non-tenured teachers to be fired. Before Tim Herbst resorted to cutting benefits and laying off teachers, did he offer to give back his raise to the town’s budget?

Media/March 15, 2018

ICYMI: Tim Herbst Wants CT to Have a ‘Wisconsin Moment’

Hartford, CT - Tim Herbst wants to run Connecticut like Scott Walker. Taking his cues from Tom Foley, the last unsuccessful Republican gubernatorial candidate in Connecticut, Tim Herbst has been referencing Scott Walker as a frame of reference for how he would like to lead the state.

Press Releases/March 12, 2018

Republicans Dangerously Silent as Trump Plans to Arm Teachers

Hartford, CT - Yesterday, President Trump announced his plan to provide “rigorous firearm training” to school teachers. What did Connecticut Republican gubernatorial candidates have to say about this plan? Nothing.

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