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CT Dems’ Statement on Republicans Campaigning on the Capitol Steps

From Executive Director Michael Mandell: “Actions speak far louder than words, and Connecticut Republicans leave no doubt they are the party of Donald Trump. The top House Republican and GOP legislators from both chambers attended the Republican National Convention as Trump delegates, and the vast majority of GOP legislators have declared their support for his hateful, divisive campaign. This attempt to change the narrative is disingenuous.

“Unfortunately, this is what we have come to expect from legislative Republicans. They have offered no real solutions while loudly rooting for Connecticut’s failure.  At the same time, Democrats have made the hard choices necessary to move our state forward, and the results have been real. We have the highest graduation rate in our state’s history, the lowest number of inmates in 20 years, an uninsured rate of 6%, and over 100,000 private sector jobs created since Governor Malloy took office.

“The Republicans are attempting to distract from their record – and for good reason. Their record, simply put, continues to place politics over making hard choices for the people of Connecticut.”

CT Dems’ Statement On The Anniversary Of The Violence Against Women Act

Hartford, Ct. – On the 22nd anniversary of the signing of the Violence Against Women Act, the Connecticut Democratic Party today called out the Republicans running for Congress in Connecticut and demanded to know how they would vote on the act’s re-authorization.

“Over the past 22 years, the Violence Against Women Act has protected thousands upon thousands of women from violence and saved countless lives,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto. “In 2013, however, many Republicans in Congress worked to block the law’s re-authorization. This is absolutely unacceptable and raises the question: Would the Connecticut Republicans running for Congress stand with the many women who have been protected by the Violence Against Women Act or with their GOP colleagues by attempting to block this commonsense law’s re-authorization?”

Democrats specifically question whether 5th district GOP congressional candidate Clay Cope – who has previously said he doesn’t care about reproductive rights because, “I don’t have daughters. I don’t have a wife. I’m not faced with that challenge and question” – would vote for or against the law’s re-authorization.

“Clay Cope in particular needs to give Connecticut women an honest answer,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Alynn Woischke. “Throughout this campaign he has not been forthright on almost any issue, and his previous rhetoric on women’s reproductive rights has been disconcerting. A majority of Republicans voted against the bill in 2013, so I hope he will answer honestly whether he would support or oppose re-authorizing the Violence Against Women Act.”

CT Dems’ Statement On Labor Day

Hartford, Ct. – Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement on this year’s Labor Day celebrations.

“As we enjoy this holiday weekend, I hope we can take a moment to remember the men and women who built this country and fought for workers’ rights. From bringing us the weekend, to ensuring workplace safety standards, to fighting for a livable wage, unions have done a lot for all working people, not just union members. While we don’t always agree on everything, we are proud to partner with our friends in the labor movement on the majority of issues affecting working families.

“At the same time, our Republican friends have failed working people time and time again, voting unanimously against raising the minimum wage and nearly unanimously against guaranteeing earned sick time. The choice is clear: Democrats will continue to stand with our brothers and sisters in the labor movement, while Republicans will support the ‘made in China’ policies and practices of Donald Trump.

“We look forward to working with our friends in the labor movement to return our entire congressional delegation to the United States House and Senate and ensure Democratic majorities in the state legislature are maintained and expanded.”

Democrats Build Momentum Heading Into Election Season

Hartford, Ct. – On Saturday more than 100 Democratic activists from all corners of Connecticut convened in Hartford to participate in an all-day grassroots training. Focused on building the on-the-ground resources necessary for Democrats to compete – and win – this November, the training brought together people from all backgrounds with the common goal of electing Democrats this year.

“Our job is to make sure the Connecticut Republicans – who continue to overwhelmingly support Donald Trump – are soundly defeated this November,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto in his opening remarks. “That’s why we need to work harder than ever, making phone calls, knocking on doors, and having the face-to-face, voter-to-voter conversations that Democrats do so well. While Republicans continue to blur the line between their official offices and their campaigns and continue to seek every public opportunity to root for failure, Democrats are doubling down on what our party does best: building a world-class grassroots organization in order to to be victorious on November 8.”

Training sessions included messaging and communications strategies, writing a field plan, social media, voter protection, phonebanking and canvassing, and Election Day registration among many other important topics – with a specific goal of building a robust grassroots organization to elect Democrats up and down the ticket this fall.

The below photos are from Saturday’s event:

Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto makes opening remarks.

Attendees listen to a panel discussion during lunch time.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin addresses a training session on the importance of grassroots campaigning.

Governor Dan Malloy and Connecticut Democratic Party Vice Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo speak with an attendee.

 House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz addresses attendees.

Volunteers discuss best practices for knocking doors and making calls.

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