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Hartford, CT — Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo released the following statement in honor of Veterans Day:

“Today, we honor the brave men and women of our armed forces who have served and protected our nation with valor. All across the globe, our uniformed men and women put their lives on the line to defend our freedom. Their sacrifice, and that of their families, deserve our gratitude.

“In Connecticut and around the country, Democrats are fighting to ensure we honor our veterans in action as well as words. Whether through affordable housing, career opportunities, job training, education, or health care, veterans deserve support.

“To all veterans and active service members, and their families, thank you for your service.”



Hartford, CT – We’ve known that Tom Foley has sought the support of the extremist Family Institute of Connecticut. With secret meetings and phone calls that he initiated, Foley sought the support of a group that once said that marriage cannot be a salad bar that you make up as you go along.”

Last week, as he campaigned with Governor Mike Pence, it was revealed the Tea Party darling and right-wing extremist thinks the “Foley Agenda Resembles His Own”. That’s from someone who called raising the minimum wage“anti-minority and anti-poor”, opposes marriage equality and opposed allowing gays to serve openly in the military, and supports Indiana’s right-to-work laws. Pence voted against equal pay legislation not once,not twice, but three times.

But now, according to the CT Mirror, radical right-wing, dark-money dollars are flowing into the gubernatorial race for Tom Foley. According to the Mirror, “A Public Voice, a non-profit whose donors are not public, has no obvious ties to Connecticut.”

Having donated over $1 million to support Tom Foley and defeat Dan Malloy, A Public Voice is based at the West Chester, Ohio office of David R. Langdon, who was “instrumental in passage of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Ohio.”

A profile of Langdon says, “Perhaps no one understands better than David Langdon how much heroic effort is being poured into defending marriage against the nationwide onslaughts of the homosexual legal agenda.”

If voters want to know what company Tom Foley keeps, here’s their answer.

“Tom Foley has been cited endlessly for his inability to provide specifics on even the most basic policy. He won’t tell anyone what he’d do as Governor because he knows how out of touch his agenda is with Connecticut voters. He’s trying to snipe votes from extremist groups with extremist agendas to roll back the clock for women, on marriage equality, and on so much more,” said Devon Puglia, Democratic Party spokesman. “This is about the company he keeps — the FIC, Mike Pence, and now this dark money group bent on turning back the clock on marriage equality. If anything shows you that Tom Foley is a risk we cannot afford, this is it.”


FIC Executive Director Brian Brown: “Marriage Cannot Be A Salad Bar That You Make Up As You Go Along.” “The Massachusetts decision is “a galvanizing force for those who support traditional marriage,” said Brian Brown, executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, which has worked against same-sex marriage. “This is real. If we don’t do anything about it, marriage will be redefined in Connecticut.” Brown and other opponents vow to push for a bill that specifically states that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. “Marriage cannot be a salad bar that you make up as you go along,” he said.” [Hartford Courant, 11/19/03]



Hartford, CT We have 11 days until Election Day, and this week was a particularly bad week for Tom Foley. Throughout his run for Governor, his campaign has achieved disaster-of-biblical-proportions status for its extraordinary oversights and unbelievable unforced errors. But this week — with Election Day around the corner — was particularly bad.

On Monday

  • Instead of following Governor Malloy’s lead by releasing his state tax returns, Tom Foley continued to hide them, leading to questions about whether he pays more in taxes to other states, whether Connecticut is even his primary residence, or whether he receives income on his $5 million yacht.
  • For months Tom Foley has said nothing about our consistent job growth as he roots for Connecticut’s failure. When there’s bad news, he pounces. When Connecticut moves forward, he’s radio silent. This week, Connecticut’s job numbers in September were the best in 20 years.

On Tuesday

  • While hundreds and hundreds of Mayors and municipal leaders from 130 cities and towns waited to hear him speak at the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, Tom Foley couldn’t be found. He actually arrived 30 minutes late.  
  • He said definitively that he would not participate in NBC Connecticut’s debate. That eventually hurt him later in the week.
  • Tom Foley’s refusal to release his tax returns continued. Others said, “Foley could make this a lot easier by sharing more.”

On Wednesday

  • At a forum before affordable housing advocates, Tom Foley demonstrated a “startling”lack of knowledge about the most basic issues.
  • Governor Malloy, meanwhile, has invested more in affordable housing in three and a half years than what was invested over the last two decades.

On Thursday

  • The Connecticut State Police Union endorsed Governor Malloy for re-election. Apparently Tom Foley “botched” his endorsement interview, and “first showed up on the wrong day, then arrived unprepared on the right day.”

On Friday

  • Fallout continued over Tom Foley’s refusal to debate the issues the night before, choosing instead to tape Face the State.
  • After NBC Connecticut’s Gerry Brooks told the audience no less than five times why Tom Foley refused to participate, the Republican candidate went on the radio Friday and continued to lie about his rationale for skipping the debate.
  • The Hartford Courant endorsed Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman for re-election, saying the Governor “is something Connecticut hasn’t seen in a while, a hands-on manager who took on the serious problems facing the state.”



Hartford, CT — After skipping NBC Connecticut’s debate last night to instead tape Face the State, Tom Foley took to the airwaves this morning on WDRC 1360AM to tell listeners his side of the story.

The only problem? He went all-in on his excuses, blaming NBC executives even after they were debunked several times throughout the day yesterday by veteran anchor Gerry Brooks.

This morning Talk of Connecticut host Brad Davis expressed concerns about Foley’s non-appearance, while Tom Foley repeatedly contradicted NBC. You can listen to the full audio here.


Davis: “Where were you last night?”

Foley: “I was actually taping ‘Face the State.’ You know, we had told NBC30 about a month ago we weren’t going to do that debate. So, uh, um, I don’t know.”


7:00 PM– “That brings us to the elephant who is not in the room, Republican Tom Foley has elected not to take part in tonight’s discussion of the issues. We have been in constant touch with Mr. Foley’s camp in the weeks leading up to this event, they have never articulated a particular objection to tonight’s format. Foley Communication’s Director Mark McNulty did offer this statement: ‘We were unable to come to terms with NBC 30 in a timely manner, so we will not be participating in their forum.’ For the record, we were prepared to welcome Mr. Foley right up until air time.”


Davis: “And you didn’t think that was important? He could have taped ‘Face the State’ another time. I mean, I’m in the-”

Foley: “Well Brad, here’s how it works. You know, we wanted to give an opportunity for every network to carry a debate. But we said we have to agree on terms, and every one of the other channels, we agreed on terms. It was no problem. But NBC 30, we couldn’t, we never even got to a discussion of terms, they wouldn’t return our phone calls for a couple weeks. So we told them ‘Hey, we’re just not going to do this.’”


7:13 PM “I’d like to take a moment here just to remind our viewers because people come and go during the course of the debate on television, our forum, Republican Tom Foley has elected not to take part in tonight’s discussion of the issues. We did stay in contact with Mr. Foley’s campaign right up until this evening, they declined our open invitation to participate in this forum and we will be reminding you of that from time to time as new viewers come in.”


Davis: NBC30 wouldn’t return your phone calls?

Foley: Right.

Davis: Wow. I’m surprised. Gerry Brooks, good reporter.


7:28 PM “If you’re just joining us, Republican Tom Foley once again is not with us tonight, we had ongoing discussions with his campaign, he declined our invitation to participate in this forum.”


Davis: “So that is the reason, but 30 did not return your phone calls?”

Foley: “Yeah yeah, they wouldn’t sit down and work out terms…And we wanted to have those conversations too with all of the people carrying the debates. But we just couldn’t work it out with NBC.”


7:42 PM “Again if you’re just joining us, Republican Tom Foley has elected not to take part in tonight’s discussion of the issues, we appreciate that it is a discussion, we stayed in contact with Mr. Foley’s campaign right up until this evening, they still declined our open invitation.”


Davis: “And Dennis this morning mentioned that you were going to be on his program on Sunday. So that was the main reason, one of the main reasons, the other reasons I understand is because NBC didn’t call you back, and but, anyway, that you had committed to Dennis to tape that program.”

Foley: “Well actually, the commitment to Dennis was after we told NBC about a month ago that we weren’t going to do their debate. So, and part of the reason was at this point in a campaign, the schedule’s very tight. Every minute you’re booked, and so when we couldn’t work things out with NBC, and they weren’t returning our phone calls, we just told them ‘Listen, we’re not going to hold this spot open,’ so we filled it.”


7:56 PM “And once again, a final reminder, we did invite Republican Tom Foley, he and his campaign elected not to take part.”


Davis: “I got to check with Gerry Brooks though on this NBC thing. And uh, evidently, from what Tom Foley says, this Channel 3 came in, but it’s confusing, a little bit confusing…


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