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Hartford, CT — Ducking questions on important issues, Tom Foley is skipping tonight’s NBC Connecticut debate — the final prime-time policy discussion of the election. Foley has spent the better part of the past week lying about NBC’s debate plans and getting called out for it.

So what’s he doing instead? Rather than debate Governor Malloy, Tom Foley is welcoming extreme Tea Party Governor Mike Pence of Indiana to Connecticut today to support his campaign. It’d be bad enough for Foley to skip the NBC debate outright while lying about his reasons why — but it’s even worse that he’s instead campaigning with an anti-middle class, anti-women, anti-equality, right-wing Republican.

So this begs a larger question: While Dan Malloy discusses the issues that matter to Connecticut voters tonight on NBC, will Tom Foley be holding a fundraiser with the Tea Party darling?

It should be concerning to Connecticut voters — just take a look at the extreme stands Mike Pence has made on key issues:

  • Pence called raising the minimum wage “anti-minority and anti-poor.”
  • Pence voted against equal pay legislation not once,not twice, but three times.
  • On repealing the harmful ban on gays serving openly in the military, Pence said “the American people don’t want the American military to be used to advance a liberal political agenda.
  • Pence cosponsored legislation to cut funding for abortion services in the case of rape or incest.
  • Pence cosponsored personhood legislation that could ban many common forms of contraception.
  • Pence cosponsored legislation to mandate ultrasounds, followed by an explanation of the ultrasound, for women prior to getting an abortion.
  • And Pence even threatened to shut down the government to defund Planned Parenthood.

“If anyone doubted how out-of-touch with Connecticut values that Tom Foley is, now you have your answer. He doesn’t just lay off workers, ship jobs to Mexico and shut down factories. He also ducks debates to meet with extreme tea partiers like Mike Pence,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Ian Sams. “The closer we get to Election Day, the clearer it becomes that Tom Foley would roll back all the progress Connecticut has made under Dan Malloy and send this state backwards.”



Hartford, CT We’ve heard Tom Foley blame NBC Connecticut for his refusal to attend tonight’s televised debate. Even though the Malloy campaign has had absolutely no problem connecting with NBC Connecticut, Tom Foley has called the station and its officials unresponsive.

Yesterday morning on WNPR’s and John Dankosky’s “Where We Live”, Tom Foley accused station executives of not communicating with his campaign for several weeks, as well as trying to “game” him.

NBC’s Gerry Brooks took to the airwaves this morning to clarify the record — and call Tom Foley out for lying to the media about why he’s skipping tonight’s debate.

You can listen to the WNPR segment from this morning here.

“This is simple: Tom Foley is now not just lying to the media — he’s lying about the media. But it’s to be expected from someone who’s distorted such a long litany of issues. He said he never closed a mill at Bibb — he did. He said unions were to blame for his treatment of workers at T.B. Woods — they weren’t. He said he has not been asked until recently to release his state tax returns — he has been for over a month. Now he’s hiding from voters tonight because his failure to articulate even the most basic policy is becoming more and more clear. No one is buying what Tom Foley is selling,” said Devon Puglia, Democratic Party spokesman.



Hartford, CT – Another day on the campaign trail, another day that Tom Foley doesn’t know specifics about important issues facing Connecticut. Today’s example was in front of the Partnership for Strong Communities, where multimillionaire Tom Foley couldn’t articulate specifics about affordable housing.

It was clear throughout his appearance that Foley — who owns two million-dollar fighter jets as toys, a $5 million yacht chartered outside of the country, and a seven-bedroom mansion — doesn’t know the basic details of housing policy.

Affordable housing affects veterans, the elderly, low-income and urban communities. What’s Tom Foley’s plan?

A lot of: “I don’t know” and “I’m not an expert.”With answers like that, it’s no wonder he won’t participate in tomorrow’s gubernatorial debate with NBC Connecticut.

When asked how he would expand affordable housing to suburban areas, he said:

“Well, you’re asking something that’s really beyond my area of expertise in this area. So I don’t really know….I don’t know the answer, but I would like to help you and others solve the problem.

When asked how to increase low-income housing and how to deliver income rises:

“Well, if we get the economy going, then you get people’s incomes going up, and you get real estate values moving again, a lot of these problems take care of themselves. Now I’m talking about I don’t know the specifics of the public policy and the experience of communities in Connecticut and where it hasn’t worked and where it has worked…”

When asked about supportive housing, he didn’t even know what it was:

“When you say supportive housing…I’m not exactly sure what you mean…”

The questioner then had to define it for him, to which he eventually said:

“…I think the answer’s yes?”

The list could go on and on.

His utter lack of policy knowledge even came up during his press availability and he appeared to double down on a campaign painfully devoid of specifics. The on-topic availability can be found here. Some highlights:

“It’s not something I’m an expert on. Some of the questions they ask me I actually don’t know the answer to.”

“I’m a problem solver, so I was just making the point that if it’s working, if it’s a program that’s working and it’s good public policy, I support it. If it’s not working, I don’t.”

The translation? Tom Foley, who has been running for Governor for five years, will figure it out later — when he isn’t flying fighter jets.

“As someone who owns fighter jets, yachts, and mansions, Tom Foley seems to know nothing about affordable housing, even though it affects veterans, seniors, and so many others across the state. Tom Foley’s lack of policy knowledge is stunning but to a degree, it’s to be expected from someone who made millions as he was exploiting the middle class, closing down mills, and making working families suffer,” said Devon Puglia, Democratic Party spokesman. “The litany of issues of which Tom Foley doesn’t know specifics has reached a mind-boggling point. It’s no wonder he’s refusing to participate in tomorrow’s debate with NBC.”



Hartford, CT — Governor Chris Christie was supposed to be in the state today—for the fourth time—to stump for Tom Foley. Yet, he pulled the plug. Why?

Because of Tom Foley’s surging unpopularity? Because the needle is moving in the wrong direction for the Republican gubernatorial candidate? Because of sustained scrutiny of Foley’s $5 million dollar yacht, seven-bedroom mansion and fighter jets while paying a zero percent effective federal income tax rate for two years?

What’s clear is that Foley’s campaign is struggling—and Christie’s cancellation raises even more questions about the viability of Foley’s campaign. When Foley’s biggest backer at the RGA is pulling the plug on his visit and prioritizing other races, it’s clear things are moving in the wrong direction for Tom Foley.

This also appears to be the first time this cycle that Christie has canceled an RGA-endorsed candidate event for political reasons.

“The more Connecticut residents get to know Tom Foley, the less they like him. When they hear about fighter jets, yachts, and mansions—bought during a career of destroying the lives of middle class families—they realize he will reverse the progress Connecticut has made. Now, even his biggest out-of-state backers are tip-toeing around Tom Foley,” said Ian Sams, a spokesperson for the Connecticut Democratic Party. “Tom Foley has offered voters plagiarized plans, no specifics, and no vision for the future. It’s no surprise that his biggest boosters—Chris Christie and the RGA—are running away from him.”


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