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Make America Safe Again? Think Again.

Hartford, Ct. – Tonight Connecticut’s GOP delegates – including Republican lawmakers Themis Klarides, Art Linares, and John Frey – gather in Cleveland to support the hateful, divisive campaign of Donald Trump. Tonight’s theme is “make America safe again,” but the truth is that a Trump presidency would do just the opposite. Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement.

“Donald Trump is the most dangerous person ever to seek the presidency,” said Balletto. “He is not only the least prepared major party nominee of our lifetimes, but also erratic and temperamentally unfit to serve as commander-in-chief. He has praised the tactics of brutal dictators like Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Un, and Vladimir Putin while alienating allies including the German chancellor, the Mexican president, and even the Pope.

“Not only are many of Trump’s reckless plans illegal, but they would hurt American efforts to defeat ISIS. He wants to ban Muslims from entering our country, intentionally target and kill the innocent family members of terrorist fighters, and allow ISIS to take over Syria as a ‘free zone.’ 

Tonight’s convention theme – ‘make America safe again’ – is ironic because Donald Trump would make this country far less safe. Trump is a thin-skinned loose cannon who takes his cues from dictators, and we simply cannot allow him to get his hands on the nuclear codes. 

“I’m disappointed in Themis Klarides, Art Linares, and John Frey, who made the choice to stand with Donald Trump and his radical Republican agenda in Cleveland and put party before country to support a dangerous demagogue who is temperamentally unfit to be president.”

Gov. Malloy Statement On Donald Trump’s Selection Of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence

Hartford, Ct. – Governor Dan Malloy released the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s announcement that he has selected Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. Governor Malloy has in the past publicly opposed Governor Pence’s bigotry when he signed an anti-LGBT right-to-discriminate law and when he tried to block a Syrian refugee family from moving to his state.

“With his pick of Mike Pence, Donald Trump is doubling down on the hatred and bigotry that has defined his campaign,” said Governor Malloy. “Governor Pence has a long history of supporting policies that attack people who don’t look like him. That was on full display when he signed his anti-LGBT right-to-discriminate law and tried to block a Syrian refugee family – some of the most vulnerable people in the world – from entering his state. I was proud when the state of Connecticut stood up to this display of hatred in public policy.

“But, his attacks on women and LGBT people go back much further. He approved one of the nation’s most oppressive, anti-woman, anti-choice laws. He led the GOP’s ignorant crusade to deny women health care choices by defunding Planned Parenthood, and he has even supported anti-LGBT conversion therapy.

“I know what it’s like to be on the wrong end of ugly divisiveness and to deal with people who want to punish others just because they’re different. I grew up with severe disabilities. I couldn’t tie a shoe or button a shirt until I was ten. Many people called me ‘mentally retarded’ because they didn’t know how to treat those disabilities. I had to dictate my writing to get through college and law school, and was the first person to take the bar exam in several states orally based on my learning disability. I spent most of my young life being pushed around by bullies like Donald Trump and Mike Pence who want to punish people for their differences. Luckily for me, there were people like my mother who saw my potential and helped me become who I am today.

“I will always stand up to bullies and bigots like Mike Pence and Donald Trump because this country – and the people who have been bullied and pushed around for far too long – simply cannot afford these backwards policies and divisive rhetoric.”

CT Dems’ Statements On Bernie Sanders’s Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton

Hartford, Ct. – Gov. Dan Malloy, Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, and Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statements on Sen. Bernie Sanders’s endorsement of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.

“Senator Sanders ran an outstanding campaign,” said Governor Malloy. “He and his passionate supporters brought critically important issues – from raising the standard of living for working Americans, to ensuring every student has the opportunity to attend college without taking on mountains of debt – to the forefront, and I am proud that we adopted many of those issues in the Democratic Party platform. He also brought millions of new voters – particularly young people – into our party. They will be a critical part of the Democratic coalition this fall. At the end of the day, I believe that Hillary Clinton has the skill and experience to bring people together in these trying times. As Donald Trump attempts to divide people, Secretary Clinton understands that we as a society are stronger together, and my support for her candidacy is stronger than ever.”

“There has never been a candidate better prepared for the presidency than Hillary Clinton,” said Lt. Governor Wyman. “Despite the Republicans’ relentless attempts to tear her down, Secretary Clinton continues to put forward a positive vision to move this country forward and bring people together. I am thrilled to see Bernie Sanders’s endorsement. His lifetime commitment to progressive causes and his campaign for a fairer, more equal society has undoubtedly made our country and our party stronger, and his longstanding commitment to veterans’ issues has helped to improve treatment of those who served our country. I thank Senator Sanders for taking this important step to unify the Democratic Party.”

“This is a huge step forward for our party,” said Chairman Balletto. “Senator Sanders rightly recognizes that the best way to move our country forward – and to accomplish many of the goals Senator Sanders outlined during his campaign – is for Democrats to unite behind Secretary Clinton. On the other side, Donald Trump is the most dangerous presidential nominee of our lifetimes. His campaign is based on racism and division. A Trump presidency would do irreparable harm to our relationships around the globe and throw our economy into a prolonged recession. We simply cannot afford Donald Trump.”

CT Dems’ Statement On The Passing Of Rep. Mary Fritz

Hartford, Ct. – Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto and Vice Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo released the following statements on the passing of longtime Democratic legislator Mary Fritz:

“Mary Fritz was a dedicated public servant and a good friend of many years,” said Balletto. “From her tenure as a Board of Education member, to her 16 terms in the House of Representatives, Mary’s desire to improve the lives of the people she served was unmatched. The people of Wallingford and the state of Connecticut lost a champion today, but her legacy of public service will live on through the many, many people she touched over the years.”

“Mary always put the well-being of her constituents over partisan divides,” said DiNardo. “She reached across the aisle to get things done for her community. No one can question her commitment to public service, but she was also a genuinely good person. I will miss her – both as a strong voice in the legislature, and as a friend.”

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