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Foley Inserts Foot In Mouth

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Foley Inserts Foot In Mouth …Again

STILL refuses to take a position on gun control



(Hartford, Connecticut)  Having inserted his foot in his mouth several times over the past few months in speaking about the Newtown tragedy (examples: here, and in this video) Tom Foley proved once again yesterday that he is, if nothing else, consistent.  In being pressed to answer the question as to whether or not he would’ve signed the gun bill Gov. Malloy signed into law – something he has stubbornly refused to do to date — on Tuesday, Foley said: “Enough on gun control.  It’s over.”

Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Jonathan Harris had this to say about Foley’s latest gaffe.

“How out of touch can Tom Foley possibly be?  The gun control debate is not ‘over,’ it’s raging in Washington, DC, where many of the families of the victims of the Newtown tragedy are doing their best to move Tom Foley’s Republican Party to something resembling a sensible position on gun control.  These families are wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and doing their level-headed best to do what they can to prevent something like this from happening again.  Here in Connecticut, where Gov. Malloy and legislators from both parties took a tough, courageous stand on the issue, people are still talking about the importance of gun control, as they should.  And they’re talking about other ways to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again, including improving access to mental health services, and improving school safety.

Tom Foley’s cowardice on this issue – refusing, still, to take a position on one of the issues of our time – is indicative of the type of Governor he’d be.  He’d run away and hide when the people of Connecticut needed him most.”