May 4, 2013/Press Releases

CT GOP Leaders Should Denounce Ad

(Hartford, Connecticut) –  Today, the Connecticut Democratic Party released the following statement from Executive Director Jonathan Harris on an offensive ad released by the Republican National Committee:

“This ad is sad, and as ‘leaders’ of the Republican Party in Connecticut, Tom Foley, Larry Cafero, John McKinney, and Mark Boughton ought to denounce it.  The Republicans are essentially patting themselves on the back for using their blocking tactics to prevent common sense gun control, middle class tax relief, and more jobs for the American people.  That’s what they consider ‘victory’.  They may have ‘won,’ but that ‘victory’ has come at the expense of every single American.  And to show footage of President Obama consoling a grieving parent to illustrate the Republicans ‘victory’ in defeating background checks is beyond the pale. Connecticut Republicans should be ashamed of themselves.”