June 27, 2013/News

Lucky to live in CT.

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Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to live in Connecticut, and then an event comes along that reminds me.  This week there were several.

I was reminded this morning when the Supreme Court struck down DOMA that in many states marriage equality doesn’t exist.

We are lucky to live in a state whose legislature was one of the very first in the nation to support gay marriage, and to have a governor who has steadfastly supported marriage equality.  

I was reminded last night when Texas State Senator Wendy Davis waged a historic filibuster against a law that would have severely restricted a woman’s access to abortions.

We are lucky to have Senators Blumenthal and Murphy, and Representatives Larson, Courtney, DeLauro, Himes and Esty representing us in Washington, D.C.  They solidly and vocally support a woman’s right to choose.  

I was reminded again how lucky we are here in Connecticut when the Supreme Court struck down the most crucial part of the Voting Rights Act,  a decision that will embolden voter suppression in many states.  Here in Connecticut we continue to work to expand voting rights.

We are lucky to have a governor who was recently recognized for his work on voting rights by the NAACP.  We are lucky to have a Secretary of the State working with the Connecticut General Assembly to strengthen our voting rights.

BUT, it’s not just luck.

We have worked hard to elect leaders who have made the tough decisions, voted on these issues, and had the courage and conviction to stand up for the values of the Democratic Party at all levels of government.

This week I am asking you to take a moment to reflect on how lucky we are, to remember how hard we’ve worked, and to renew your commitment to our Party.

From time to time we ask you to support the Party. We do this so the Party can continue to support our elected officials and candidates, so they can continue to support the issues we Democrats care about.

Join us again today:

This is not the moment to take our “blue state” for granted. We worked hard to get here, and now we need to work harder than ever.

Let’s work together.