July 30, 2013/Press Releases

John McKinney: Out of Touch with Connecticut’s Middle Class

(Hartford, Connecticut) —  Today, the Connecticut Democratic Party released the following statement from Executive Director Jonathan Harris.

“Sunday, on WFSB’s ‘Face the State’, when asked by Dennis House ‘If elected, which measures implemented by Governor Malloy would you rollback or undo?’

“Sen. McKinney said as governor, ‘I’m going to reduce taxes by cutting spending at the state level.’

“Here are three examples of the kind of cuts he’d make:

“Sen. McKinney cut $3.7 million from the Department of Economic and Community Development whose mission is to help businesses grow, revitalize communities, and ensure quality housing for Connecticut’s middle class.

“Sen. McKinney cut the Capitol Scholarship Program entirely, slashing its budget by 100%.  Students use this program to attend Connecticut colleges like the University of Connecticut and Connecticut’s community college system.

“Sen. McKinney also cut $23 million in funding for the Connecticut Home Care program which services at-risk elderly.

“These are just three examples of the kind of cuts Connecticut’s middle class families cannot afford.”