August 14, 2013/Press Releases

Boughton Has a Strange Way of Saying ‘Thank You’

(Hartford, Connecticut) —  Today the Connecticut Democratic Party released the following statement from Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo.

“In his announcement today Mayor Boughton was harshly critical of the Malloy Administration, which is strange, given what the Malloy Administration – backed by Democrats in the Legislature – has done for Danbury.  The Governor has made some very difficult decisions at the state level, precisely so he could do things like substantially increase funding for local education in places like…Danbury.

“In the first two years of his term, the Governor – again, backed by Democrats in the Legislature – sent Danbury a total of $47,412,471 in education funding. That’s an increase of $1,696,559 over the prior two years.

“In addition, Danbury is now slated to receive  $59,380,901 over the next two fiscal years — that’s $13,664,989 more than they received in the two years before Governor Malloy took office.”

“Let me be more blunt: that’s a lot of money.

“I wonder what Mayor Boughton would have done without that funding?  He sure has a strange way of saying thank you.”


Malloy Increased Danbury’s Education Cost Sharing Grants. Under Governor Malloy, Danbury’s education cost sharing (ECS) grants increased. The increases are detailed in the table below:

Fiscal Year

ECS Grant Amount











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