August 1, 2013/Press Releases

John McKinney: Out of Touch with Connecticut’s Middle Class

(Hartford, Connecticut) —  Today, the Connecticut Democratic Party released the following statement from Executive Director Jonathan Harris.

“On the Sunday, July 28 broadcast of WFSB’s ‘Face the State’, when asked by Dennis House ‘If elected, which measures implemented by Governor Malloy would you rollback or undo?’

“Sen. McKinney said as governor, ‘I’m going to reduce taxes by cutting spending at the state level.’

“Here are three examples of the kind of cuts he’d make:

“Sen. McKinney cut the budget for after school programs by 90%.  This is a program middle class families rely on for childcare.  In fact, according to a report from the After School Alliance, these types of programs make children safer, improve their academic achievement, and help working families succeed.

“Sen. McKinney voted against Connecticut’s Health Insurance Exchange which will provide vital health coverage to tens of thousands of Connecticut residents.

“Sen. McKinney cut the state’s investment in rail operations by a whopping $28 million. This cut affects both commuters and businesses throughout the state, and particularly impacts his constituents who rely on Metro North to commute to and from work.”