August 13, 2013/Press Releases

Mark Boughton: Out of Touch with Connecticut’s Middle Class

(Hartford, Connecticut) —  Today the Connecticut Democratic Party released the following statement from Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo.

“Republican Mayor Mark Boughton says he’s to be Connecticut’s next Governor, but a look at his record tells  different story. Mr. Boughton is strikingly similar to his fellow Republican candidates, Sen. McKinney and Tom Foley, when it comes to opposing issues that matter to the vast majority of people in Connecticut. To name just two examples, Mr. Boughton is steadfastly against a modest increase in the state’s minimum wage, an increase that will benefit Connecticut’s hard-working families.

“And somewhat surprisingly, he’s against a woman’s right to choose.

“And there are many more examples, which we’ll be highlighting in the coming days and weeks.

“One last note, and an important one.  Before Mr. Boughton takes credit for what he claims are his Danbury accomplishments, he should acknowledge the significant increases Danbury received in education and other local funding over the past few years, thanks to Gov. Malloy and the Democrats who supported his budget. Governor Malloy increased education aid to Danbury by 40 percent over Governor Rell’s administration while also doubling Danbury’s road aid.

“Mark Boughton, Tom Foley, and John McKinney have a lot in common: wrong for the middle class, wrong for Connecticut.”


Boughton Voted Against Increasing The State Minimum Wage To $6.70. In April 2000, Boughton voted against increasing the state minimum wage to $6.70. [Vote #214, 4/24/00; Public Act 00-144, Signed 5/26/00]

Malloy Increased Danbury’s Education Cost Sharing Grants. Under Governor Malloy, Danbury’s education cost sharing (ECS) grants increased. The increases are detailed in the table below

Fiscal Year

ECS Grant Amount











[Office Of Policy And Management, Accessed 8/13/13; Office Of Policy And Management, Accessed 8/13/13]

Malloy Increased Danbury’s Town Aid Road Grants. Under Governor Malloy, Danbury’s town aid road grants have increased from $421,666 in fiscal year 2013 to $843,331 in fiscal year 2014. [Office Of Fiscal Analysis, Town Grants Dashboard, Accessed 8/13/13]

Boughton Was Pro-Life. According to the Hartford Courant, “The shift is most visible within the Republican Party, where traditional Yankee moderation on social issues has not held sway with a number of GOP candidates on the issue of abortion. Among those clear about their anti-abortion stance are Martha Dean, a candidate for attorney general, and Mark Boughton, the GOP nominee for lieutenant governor. Dean and Boughton both beat primary opponents who support abortion rights. (On the Democratic side, abortion foe Michael Jarjura lost his party’s nomination for state comptroller to Kevin Lembo, who was endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut.)” [Hartford Courant, 8/22/10]