August 6, 2013/News


Topline John McKinney is out of touch with Connecticut’s middle class.

State Senator John McKinney, who announced for governor via press release on July 24 purports he’s “uniquely qualified” to lead the state.

His track record in the General Assembly proves otherwise.  He has consistently voted against–or proposed very steep funding cuts–to programs that middle class Connecticut families depend on.

Sen. McKinney voted against a historic economic development proposal — Bioscience Connecticut — that will create thousands of jobs and eventually make Connecticut a world leader in a cutting edge, growth industry. Voting against smart investments in our economy hardly makes you ‘uniquely qualified’ to be governor.

Sen. McKinney proposed cutting $7 million from the HUSKY program in 2011, and voted against the creation of the Health Exchange. That means he cut funding for children’s healthcare and voted against a program that will provide quality, affordable healthcare for tens of thousands of people.

Sen. McKinney voted to cut funding for education in 2009 by $577 million.  Voting against better public schools for our children hardly makes you ‘uniquely qualified’ to be governor.

Sen. McKinney consistently voted against modest increases in the minimum wage. This means he voted against the interests of people who are working two and three jobs to support their families.

Sen. McKinney voted against the bill that gives people the ability to stay home when they’re sick instead of losing their jobs. Forcing people to choose between their jobs and their health hardly makes you ‘uniquely qualified’ to be governor.