September 17, 2013/Press Releases

DiNardo Again Calls on Foley to Come Clean on His Arrest Record

(Hartford, Connecticut) — Today, Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo issued the following statement:

“On Sunday, Tom Foley made a bunch of wild accusations that are untrue, and he asked several questions, all of which were answered. Today I’m again calling on Tom Foley to answer the following questions, and to be specific. Not answers that sound like ‘I can’t remember,’ because anyone who’s ever been arrested knows exactly what they were arrested for and anyone who’s ever gone to court remembers exactly when that happened and what was said when they were there.


1) You were arrested on a felony charge: attempted first degree assault. When asked about that by a reporter your response was “…no one ever told me it was a felony offense.” Do you expect anyone to believe that your lawyer never told you that? And that when you went into court the JUDGE didn’t tell you that? QUESTION: did you know that you’d been arrested for a felony offense? If your answer is no, please provide the name of your attorney so that he or she can verify that. If your answer is yes, please tell everyone why you lied when you were first asked about it.

2) When you were asked about these arrests and why you didn’t disclose them on the forms you filled out to work in the George W. Bush administration you said you didn’t disclose the fact that you’d been arrested because you considered the incidents to be “minor.” QUESTION: do you believe attempted first degree assault to be a “minor” offense?

3) When you were asked to release your arrest records, your response was that you don’t have them. When you were asked whether or not you would contact the local police department in the jurisdiction in which you were arrested you said you would not. QUESTION: In the spirit of open and full disclosure, a concept you say you believe in, and in order to put any questions about what really happened to rest, will you now agree to contact the local police department and authorize them to release your arrest records? QUESTION: If you won’t, will you promise to never again utter the words “open and full disclosure?”