September 20, 2013/News

Flip Flop Friday: McKinney Praised Bonding Under Republican Administrations

McKinney Said A State Bond Commission-Funded Metro Center Was “Not Just Good For Fairfield But Good For The Entire Region. From a McKinney press release, “Governor M. Jodi Rell and Senate Minority Leader John McKinney today announced that $19.4 million for construction of an access road and temporary, 500-space parking lot for a new Metro-North commuter rail station in Fairfield is expected to gain approval when the state Bond Commission meets January 8, 2010. […] Senator McKinney added: ‘I want to thank Governor Rell for her vision and commitment to improving our state’s transportation system. The Metro Center is not just good for Fairfield but for the entire region, as it will take cars off our congested highways and make mass transportation more convenient. From Day One, Governor Rell and the DOT have kept this project on schedule. Her willingness to continue that commitment despite a weakened economy is welcome news.'” [McKinney Press Release, 12/29/09]

McKinney Thanked Governor Rell For Moving A State Bond Commission-Funded Project “Ahead As Quickly As Possible.” From a McKinney press release, “State Rep. Julia B. Wasserman, R-106, and Sen. John McKinney, R-28, announced that the state Bond Commission today approved a $450,000 low-interest state loan to extend a water main so students at Middle Gate Elementary School can have clean drinking water. […] Sen. McKinney said, ‘I thank Governor Rell for recognizing the importance of moving this project ahead as quickly as possible so the students at Middle Gate School can have access to a very basic necessity: clean drinking water. As a state we have spent the past several years addressing concerns with environmental standards in schools, but to have a situation like this right in your backyard truly makes the issue hit home.'” [McKinney Press Release, 12/13/04]

McKinney: “I Want To Thank Governor Rell And The State Bond Commission For Supporting Organizations Like Operation Hope.” From a McKinney press release, “Senate Minority Leader Pro Tempore John McKinney (R-28), State Rep. Thomas J. Drew (D-132), State Rep. Jack Stone (R-134), and State Rep. Cathy Tymniak (R-133) announced today that the State Bond Commission is slated to approve a grant in the amount of $250,000 for Operation Hope of Fairfield CT, the non-profit agency dedicated to helping the homeless achieve stability and self-reliance. […] ‘I want to thank Governor Rell and the State Bond Commission for supporting organizations like Operation Hope – the altruistic, community based groups that are there on the front lines in the state’s effort to ensure that all citizens have access to basic human needs,’ said Senator McKinney.” [McKinney Press Release, 3/28/06]

McKinney Touted Garnering State Bond Commission Funding For The Bradley-Hubbell House. From a McKinney press release, “The State Bond Commission today approved a $41,502 grant to help pay for the restoration of the historic Bradley-Hubbell House in Easton, which will be used by the Historical Society of Easton, Inc., as a local house museum, state Representative John E. Stripp, R-135th District, and state Senator John McKinney, R-28th District, announced today. […] ‘The Bradley-Hubbell House in Easton is an historical treasure,’ said Sen. McKinney. ‘The history of our country was formed here in New England. I cannot think of a better monument that exemplifies 19th century America in Easton more than the Bradley-Hubbell House. Its preservation is a strong indication of the state’s commitment to protect buildings that commemorates Connecticut’s past.'” [McKinney Press Release, 5/30/03]

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