September 19, 2013/News

Foley Admits His Arrest Records “Are Out There,” So Where are They?

(Hartford, Connecticut) — This morning on WNPR’s Where We Live, Tom Foley made a complete 180 and finally came clean that his arrest records “are out there.”  When asked about his arrest records, Tom Foley said, “Whatever public records exist about this are out there for people to look at…”  Now that Mr. Foley has admitted the records do in fact exist, the Democratic Party of Connecticut wants to know where those records are located.

Connecticut Democratic Party Chair Nancy Dinardo said, “For the third time this week, I am demanding that Tom Foley release his arrest records to the people of Connecticut.  He has no more excuses left to not release them now that he has finally admitted they exist.  Time to turn them over, Tom.”

Attached is a portion of the audio of Mr. Foley’s statements about his arrest records.

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