September 29, 2013/News

My name is Molly Rockett

My name is Molly Rockett. I’m a UConn student, a native of the Nutmeg state, and I’m a Connecticut Democrat. I’m writing to you tonight to let you know about something exciting happening in our state.

Tonight in front of hundreds of activists and leaders, the Connecticut Democratic Party unveiled its new campaign to give more people like you an opportunity to join the us in electing Democrats up and down the ballot this year, next year and in years to come.

What we need now is you. To fight for health care reform, good paying jobs, equal rights, better schools, environmental protections — and everything else we stand for as Democrats.

Can we count you in?

Local politics has always been near and dear to my heart. I first got started in politics when I was 6 years old by working on my dad’s campaign for board of education in my hometown of Sommers. My favorite part of campaigning was waking up bright and early to visit voters with him, because he would always reward me with a donut afterwards. Now I’m the Neighborhood Team Lead at UConn, ensuring students on campus are finding ways to get involved. You can count me in to volunteer this election!

We need to elect Democrats this November to fight for us. In order to do this we need you — to knock on doors, raise money, host house parties, call voters, and register new voters. You can certainly count me in.

Can we count YOU in?


Molly Rockett