September 10, 2013/News

Foley flip flops on campaign finance

Today Tom Foley said he will try to qualify for public financing.  Apparently, he’s had a change of heart. Here’s what his chief spokesperson said about the issue on Mr. Foley’s behalf in 2010:

“Foley’s campaign manager, Justin R. Clark, is ripping Fedele for his plans.

‘As a Republican, I don’t mind a primary, but I do mind that the lieutenant governor is trying to use taxpayers’ dollars to finance his campaign,” Clark said. “He is asking people for contributions so he can qualify to use taxpayers’ money for advertising, balloons, bumper stickers, and high priced consultants against a fellow Republican.”

Clark added, “Most Republicans don’t understand how a candidate for governor whose most important leadership challenge will be reducing government spending can start off by asking taxpayers to pay up to $2.5 million for his primary campaign. Instead, he should be asking to have the “Citizens Election Program” repealed. The program is referred to mockingly as the incumbents’ full-employment program, and it could cost the state over tens of millions of dollars this election cycle.”’

Source: Hartford Courant, June 15, 2010