October 2, 2013/Press Releases

DiNardo to Foley: What Will You Say To The UTC Workers?

(Hartford, Connecticut) — Today the Connecticut Democratic Party released the following statement from Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo:

“Yesterday Tom Foley said ‘I support what they’re doing,’  when asked about the House Republicans’ tactics. Today UTC announced furloughs, citing the GOP-led shutdown.  So Mr. Foley, what will you tell the thousands of UTC workers?  That you’re so afraid of the Tea Party and John Boehner that you can’t support the hard-working men and women of our defense industry? That you’re more concerned about the nomination of your party than you are about these people’s ability to feed their families?

“Tonight I’m calling on you to re-think your position, admit you made a mistake, and stand up to the Tea Party and John Boehner by standing with the hardworking men and women of Connecticut.”