October 16, 2013/News, Veterans


Topline The GOP-fueled shutdown is negatively affecting the pay and benefits of servicemembers and veterans in Connecticut and around the country.

  • Emergency death benefits to the survivors of servicemembers killed in action were halted until a national nonprofit stepped in to fill the gap.

  • The VA will run out of money to pay mandatory benefits for existing beneficiaries by the end of October. This would affect disabled veterans, poor wartime veterans, survivors, and students. In Connecticut, 11,000 veterans receive education and disability benefits.

  • Military hospitals and medical care centers that accept TRICARE will see reduced hours, impacting the ability of veterans to get timely medical treatment.

  • Veterans call centers, regional offices, and business centers will be closed to the public. In Connecticut, 56 regional VA offices have been closed and 7,000 workers have been furloughed.