October 16, 2013/Press Releases

So Much for “Mr. Ethics”

HARTFORD, Conn. — For about the last year, Tom Foley has been talking a great game when it comes to ethics, and what he says would be the high ethical standards he’d set if he were to become governor.

Foley Said He Was “Disappointed” And “Disgusted” With Ethics At The State Capitol. [WFSB, Face The State, 9/15/13]

Foley Said Caring About Ethics And Good Government Was “Not A Political Strategy, But Who I Am.” [Hartford Courant Op-Ed, 9/20/13]

Foley: “I Believe The Citizens Have A Right To Good Government And Unimpeachable Leadership.” [Hartford Courant Op-Ed, 9/20/13]

Foley: “Leaders Can’t Lead If The People They Are Leading Don’t Trust Their Leader’s Motives.” [Hartford Courant Op-Ed, 9/20/13]

Yesterday it was revealed that Tom Foley lied (again) about his arrest records and today the State Elections Enforcement Commission found that Mr. Foley violated the law for registering a political action committee in Delaware that recently performed a poll for his 2014 candidacy.

So much for Mr. Ethics.  Here’s a suggestion for Mr. Foley: when you talk about the problems that exist in Connecticut, start by looking in the mirror.


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