October 9, 2013/News

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Cuenta conmigo

Topline There are more than half a million people in Connecticut with Hispanic roots — that’s 14 percent of Nutmeggers! We’re proud of our state’s diversity, which is why Connecticut Democrats are focused on policies that promote equality and ensure the prosperity of all communities.

Economic Development: In fiscal year 2012, Connecticut Democrats implemented $1.2 million in aid to women- and minority-owned businesses.

Education: In 2011, The Connecticut General Assembly passed, and Governor Malloy signed into law, a DREAM Act, which extended in-state tuition benefits to students without legal immigration status — including UConn, a Connecticut State University, a community-technical college or Charter Oak State College.

Additionally, Hispanic high school graduation rates are increasing — by 4.4 percent from 2011 to 2012.

Health Care: According to the Urban Institute, full implementation of the Affordable Care Act will cut in half the number of Hispanic adults in Connecticut who are uninsured.

Immigration Reform: This summer, Governor Malloy signed the TRUST Act, which discourages law enforcement officers from detaining undocumented immigrants when they report crimes.

Voting: Connecticut is making it easier for everyone to vote while many states are making it harder:

  • Same day voter registration begins Election Day, November 5, 2013

  • Online voter registration begins in January 2014