November 5, 2013/Press Releases

Labriola “Referendum” Yet Another Empty CT GOP Claim as Democrats Win Big

Hartford, CT – Tonight’s Democratic upsets in big cities like Stamford and Norwalk, mid-sized Norwich, and even smaller communities like Derby, highlight the fact that the CT GOP continue to rely on smoke and mirrors in their claims. CT Dems Executive Director Jonathan Harris issued the following statement regarding Chairman Labriola’s empty “referendum” claim and tonight’s wins for Democrats:

“Connecticut Democrats had big wins and upsets in large cities, mid-sized towns and small communities, which has sent the CT GOP into spin mode after Chairman Labriola’s “referendum” claims were debunked by the voters tonight. This is just one more example of empty rhetoric from the Republicans, while the proof is in the pudding for Democrats, who are winning municipalities like Derby, New Haven, Norwalk, Norwich, and Stamford. Chairman Labriola can make all the baseless statements he wants, but Governor Malloy and Connecticut Democrats will remain focused on moving Connecticut in the right direction.”

“Chairman Labriola said this would be a referendum on Gov. Malloy, and it is.  The result?  A big win for Gov. Malloy and Democrats across Connecticut.”


CT GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola Said Connecticut’s 2013 Municipal Elections Were A Referendum On Malloy’s Agenda. According to CT News Junkie, “Because of Malloy’s involvement with local elections, Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. believes today is a referendum on Malloy’s agenda. ‘In Stamford, the Malloy-endorsed candidate for mayor lost the Democrat primary and, in Bridgeport, the Democratic Party-endorsed candidates for Board of Education lost their primary challenges despite their state party backing them to the tune of $40,000. It looks like governor Malloy’s support has been toxic to candidates even in Democratic primaries,’ Labriola said Tuesday. ‘Voters have seen what Malloy’s agenda has done for our state and they know they can’t afford record tax increases and out-of-control spending on the local level too,’ he added. ‘We’re proud that nearly 60 percent of municipal leaders in the state are Republicans and we look forward to seeing that number grow tonight.'” [CT News Junkie, 11/5/13]

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