January 14, 2014/Press Releases

Chairwoman DiNardo to Walker: Apologize to Connecticut

Hartford, CT – A day after the GOP’s David Walker stunned and offended Connecticut by dismissing the tragedy at Sandy Hook and the efforts to prevent future tragedies, Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo is again calling on him to apologize for his dismissive attitude and callous comments.

From CT News Junkie, “Walker was less interested in discussing other controversial issues. During the press conference, he was asked about his position on gun control and the new firearm regulations passed last year after the Sandy Hook shooting… Walker answered the question, saying he would not have supported the bill, but he qualified his answer. ‘I’m going to focus on the economy, jobs, and fiscal responsibility,’ he said. ‘I will deal, as you are requesting, with certain social issues that are important to many people but in my view are not ‘Priority One.’” [CT News Junkie, 1/13/14]

“Not much surprises me anymore, but David Walker’s cavalier, dismissive attitude is shocking.  To refer to the public policy debate that rightly followed the Sandy Hook tragedy as a ‘social issue’ demeans the importance of the debate.  It’s not a ‘social issue’; it’s an issue involving the safety and security of our children and the adults in whose care we place them every day.  He ought to be ashamed of himself, and I am again calling on him to apologize to Connecticut.”

DiNardo added, “One more thing: he said he was dealing with the issue because a reporter requested him to.  So much for leadership.  Not exactly a profile in courage.”

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