January 28, 2014/Press Releases

DiNardo Statement on Boughton Running Mate

Hartford, CT — Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo released the following statement today in response to Mayor Mark Boughton’s pick of former Mayor Heather S. Bond Somers as his running mate for Lieutenant Governor.

“Any time a Republican candidate for governor finds him or herself behind a microphone, it’s the same message: they’re all doom and gloom, ignoring the progress Connecticut’s made under Gov. Malloy.  And they make ridiculous promises that are woefully short on specifics.  Today’s event was no different.

“The few specifics we do have on Mayor Boughton aren’t promising: he’s against increasing the minimum wage, against common sense gun control, and for the Tea Party shutdown that cost Connecticut a lot of jobs.

“And so that’s the agenda the former Mayor of Groton is signing onto.”