January 22, 2014/Press Releases

Tom Foley and… Alex Rodriguez

 Hartford, CT – Today, the Connecticut Democratic Party responded to a press release from Tom Foley’s Connecticut Policy Institute:

“Tom Foley accusing someone of using ‘phony math’ is like Alex Rodriguez accusing someone of cheating,” said James Hallinan, Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman.  “During the 2010 campaign for governor, Tom Foley said he’d close what was then a state budget deficit of $3.5 billion with — get ready for this — $2 billion worth of cuts.  Even if you accepted that his cuts were real — which many of them weren’t — he still came up $1.5 billion short.  Unfortunately for Tom Foley, his Foley Math isn’t going to cut it with Connecticut residents, despite his hopes that they don’t know how to add.”


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