February 25, 2014/Press Releases

Chairwoman DiNardo Thanks Governor Malloy for Standing Up for Women & the Minimum Wage

Hartford, CT – Today, Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo released the following statement thanking Governor Malloy for standing up for women and increasing the minimum wage:

“Governor Malloy and the Democrats have again demonstrated that they are on the side of Connecticut women by unabashedly standing up for minimum wage increases and standing against the GOP’s anti-woman agenda,” said Connecticut Democratic Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo.  “As Governor Malloy pointed out, 60% of people earning minimum wage are women, so once again the GOP is on the wrong side of an issue most important to women.  Thank you, Governor Malloy, for calling out the rhetoric and fighting for women’s ability to empower themselves in today’s economy.”


On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Governor Dannel Malloy Stated: “There Is A Reality That 60% Of People Who Collect The Minimum Wage Are Women. Let’s Lift Women Out Of Poverty.” Governor Dannel Malloy: “First of all, I’m a Jesuit, educated individual and went to Boston College. I know what an ad hominem attack is – it is baseless. To equate talking about the minimum wage with the white flag and somehow we are becoming a minimum wage society is ultimately ridiculous. Now let me point this out, that the governor is the governor of the state with the third highest poverty rate in the nation. He should be embracing raising the minimum wage. There is a reality that 60% of people who collect the minimum wage are women. Let’s lift women out of poverty. There is a reality that only 12% of the people earning the minimum wage are teenagers. It’s a non-argument. We have to make sure that we are moving this country forward. I believe that today’s labor is worth at least as much as it was in 1968, adjusted for inflation, so let’s get there.” [“Morning Joe,” MSNBC, 2/25/14]

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