February 12, 2014/Press Releases

REMINDER: Tom Foley Was Just Fined By SEEC

Hartford, CT – Today, Connecticut Democratic Party Spokesman James Hallinan released the following statement in response to Tom Foley’s press release regarding SEEC:

“I’m a little incredulous that someone who was just fined by the SEEC would issue the kind of ridiculous statement Tom Foley just issued.  Axel Foley has more credibility on SEEC related matters than Tom Foley.”


SEEC: Foley Was “Required To Register As A Candidate” When He Commissioned The Poll. In its October 2013 decision on Foley’s 2013 poll, the State Elections and Enforcement Commission concluded, “Where, as here, the Commission believes that Mr. Foley incurred a $15,504 expenditure and he received a contribution from VGG in the same amount, he was required to register as a candidate pursuant to General Statutes § 9-604 and designate a committee as his funding vehicle.” [State Elections And Enforcement Commission, Final Decision 2013-042, 10/16/13]

CT Mirror: Foley Reimbursed Voters For Good Government For The Cost Of The Poll, Voters For Good Government Paid The State $15,504, A Sum The Commissions’ Attorney Described As A “Civil Penalty.” According to the CT Mirror, “Foley agreed to reimburse Voters for Good Government, a Delaware corporation that lists Foley as its treasurer, for the cost of the poll. The group must pay the state $15,504, a sum that the commission’s attorney, Kevin Ahern, described as ‘a civil penalty.’ Foley, who remains the group’s treasurer, agreed to pay an additional $600.” [CT Mirror, 10/16/13]

CT News Junkie: “Foley Also Will Have To Pay The Commission $600 For Missing The Filings Related To The Expenditure For The Poll.” According to CT News Junkie, “Foley also will have to pay the commission $600 for missing the filings related to the expenditure for the poll.” [CT News Junkie, 10/16/13]

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