February 17, 2014/Press Releases

ZERO CREDIBILITY: Tom Foley & John McKinney Busted for Taking State Contractor Money

Hartford, CT – In an article that appeared in Sunday’s Hartford Courantinvestigative journalist Jon Lender exposed both Tom Foley and John McKinney for accepting multiple campaign contributions from principles listed on the SEEC Prohibited State Contractors and Prospective State Contractors Lists.  Lender writes, “McKinney’s gubernatorial campaign committee reported that he has received $100 donations from 15 people whose employers appear on the enforcement commission’s banned list. In addition to those $1,500 in donations are three $100 donations from people with the same address as one of those 15… Foley’s reports show $2,200 in donations to his exploratory campaign committee from nine people whose companies appear on the commission’s banned list.”

Foley and McKinney have repeatedly attacked Democrats for legally raising money from state contractors, but now they’ve been exposed for potential illegal fundraising by soliciting and accepting banned state contractor money for their gubernatorial campaigns.

“Tom Foley and John McKinney’s actions are completely hypocritical and demonstrate yet again that they have zero credibility,” said Nancy DiNardo, Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman.  “Foley and McKinney have been busted for what appears to be illegal fundraising, but yet they’ve been attacking Democrats for legally fundraising for months.  What a joke.  As I said, Tom Foley and John McKinney have zero credibility.”



Foley: “The Very Unusual State Elections Enforcement Commission Warning To Governor Malloy For His Shaking Down State Contractors For Contributions To The State Party Is A Welcome Confirmation That This Practice Is Unacceptable And Undermines The Intent Of Our State Election Laws.” “The very unusual State Elections Enforcement Commission warning to Governor Malloy for his shaking down state contractors for contributions to the state party is a welcome confirmation that this practice is unacceptable and undermines the intent of our state election laws. The fact that some of the donors themselves were the ones to blow the whistle demonstrates that even they object to the practice and fear they may be doing something illegal. I have called on the governor to stop the practice because it undermines the intent of the law and erodes public confidence in their state government. Ordinary citizens deserve better.  They will have a chance to make their voices heard on this and other issues in November.” [Press Release, Foley For CT, 2/12/14]

Foley: “‘For Months I Have Maintained That Contributions From State Contractors To State Parties Should Be Prohibited Because They Improperly Influence Policy And Erode Public Confidence In State Government.”“Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley said Monday that Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is letting contractors and others ‘buy influence with him’ through his fundraising in behalf of the state Democratic Party. Foley was responding to weekend news reports in the Courant and the Connecticut Mirror about hefty contributions by to the state Democratic Party’s federally regulated account by executives with companies that do business with the state. Malloy has assisted in fundraising for the account – which can be tapped to help him and other state candidates in the November election, even though it’s intended primarily for expenses associated with federal candidacies such as those for Congress. ‘For months I have maintained that contributions from state contractors to state parties should be prohibited because they improperly influence policy and erode public confidence in state government. I am again calling on Governor Malloy to stop sending the message that he and Connecticut’s government are for sale,’ Foley said in a statement sent to news organizations. ‘Shamefully, our ethically challenged governor continues to solicit political donations from companies who do business with the state,’ Foley said. ‘One of the most egregious is the shakedown of Northeast Utilities who are awaiting a decision by the governor on whether they will receive some $400 million of Hurricane Sandy funds.’ Foley added: ‘The governor stated explicitly last week that their threshold for what’s acceptable is merely what’s legal. Governor Malloy is inappropriately allowing state contractors and others who have a stake in government business to buy influence with him.’” [The Chronicle (Willimantic, CT), 2/4/14]

McKinney: “For Three Years [Democratic Gov.] Dan Malloy Has Said ‘Connecticut Is Open For Business.’ Sadly We Now Know That Dan Malloy’s Connecticut Is For Sale.” “State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney said Tuesday that that the state Democratic Party should be investigated for accepting an illegal $10,000 contribution from a state contractor…. ‘For three years [Democratic Gov.] Dan Malloy has said “Connecticut is open for business.” Sadly we now know that Dan Malloy’s Connecticut is for sale,’ McKinney said. ‘Mr. Snider doesn’t live in Connecticut and has never given to the Connecticut Democratic Party before. But, all of the sudden, at the same time his company is bidding for a multi-million dollar state contract, he decides to write a check for the maximum contribution of $10,000 and, lo and behold, is awarded the contract to manage the XL Center and Rentschler Field by the governor’s hand-picked head of the Capitol Region Development Authority (CRDA),’ McKinney said. He called it ‘the latest in a growing number of examples where state contractors like Northeast Utilities and individuals like Mr. Snider reap a direct financial benefit from Governor Malloy’s policies and state grants while concurrently donating thousands of dollars to the Democratic State Party.  It reeks of “pay for play” and should be investigated.’” [Hartford Courant Blogs, 12/10/13]

Connecticut GOP Chair Jerry Labriola: ““From The Start, It’s Been Obvious That Dan Malloy Plans To Extort Campaign Cash From State Contractors In A Pay-To-Play Shakedown – And That The State Democrats Plan To Use That Money To Support His Re-Election.” “Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. released the following statement today in response to the SEEC advisory opinion regarding CT Dems fundraising. ‘From the start, it’s been obvious that Dan Malloy plans to extort campaign cash from state contractors in a pay-to-play shakedown – and that the State Democrats plan to use that money to support his re-election. Now, even the State Election Enforcement Commission is taking notice of the Democrat’s strategy of obfuscating state election law to boost Dan Malloy’s chances at a second term. With no U.S. Senate race and five entrenched incumbent candidates for congress who are already awash with special interest and big union money, where else does the State Democratic Party have to spend their ill-gotten contributions?’” [Press Release, Connecticut Republican Party, 2/12/14]

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