March 3, 2014/Press Releases, Uncategorized

CT GOP Wants to Cash In on Connecticut Residents Making Less Money

Hartford, CT – Today, the Connecticut Republican Party issued a fundraising email that solicits contributions in order to fight minimum wage increases.  Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Jonathan Harris issued the following statement in response to the email:

“The Connecticut Republican Party isn’t just against raising the minimum wage, now they want to cash in on Connecticut residents making less money.  It’s shameful that the Republicans are seeking to make money by blocking access to families’ economic security opportunities.  Raising money by attempting to prevent hard working families from getting paid a fair wage demonstrates how out of touch the Connecticut Republican Party and gubernatorial candidates are with the priorities of Connecticut residents.”

Please see below for today’s fundraising email from the Connecticut Republican Party:


Last week, while on a trip paid for by your tax dollars, Governor Malloy made news by jumping to the defense of his new best friend, President Obama, on his latest election-year issue, a massive increase to the minimum wage.

Governor Jindal of Lousiana – a state with an unemployment rate more than a full point lower than ours and a significantly lower tax burden – pointed out that raising the minimum wage is a bad idea and will hurt our economy.

Governor Malloy thought those comments were “insane.”

Now, to thank his pal Dan Malloy, the president is coming to our state this week to make Connecticut ground-zero for his new economic agenda. It seems like the only people supporting President Obama’s disastrous plan are Democrat governors, like Malloy, who have already ruined their state’s economy.

Please contribute $10, $15, or $20 right now to help us send a clear message to Dan Malloy and Barack Obama that Connecticut doesn’t want their job-killing agenda.

The fact is that Governor Jindal is right. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office recently released a report showing that such a large increase in the minimum wage could cost our nation as many as 1,000,000 jobs.

Connecticut can’t afford to lose any more jobs. We need your support to defeat Dan Malloy in 2014 and restore fiscal sanity to our state.

With your contribution of just $20 right now, we can defeat Dan Malloy this year and elect a Republican governor who will lessen the tax burden on our families and businesses so that we can start to get Connecticut’s economy back on track.

We all agree that there are far too many Connecticut families who are struggling to make ends meet, but the last thing those families need right now is to lose their jobs.


Jerry Labriola, Jr