March 7, 2014/Press Releases

VIDEO: Tom Foley on the Minimum Wage… Not as Clear as You Thought

Hartford, CT – After Tom Foley and the Connecticut “Policy” Institute’s press conference in the Legislative Office Building today, Foley spoke to reporters about the minimum wage. Foley has previously stated that he supports a minimum wage increase to $10.10 an hour, but today he reversed that position and even professed to not knowing about the Governor’s proposed legislation to raise Connecticut’s minimum wage to $10.10.

“First Tom Foley was for raising the minimum wage in Connecticut, then today he says he’s only for raising the federal minimum wage, and then he went on to profess that he didn’t know there was a current proposal in the legislature to increase the state’s minimum wage,” said James Hallinan, spokesman for the Connecticut Democratic Party. “Considering President Obama was in the state promoting Connecticut’s proposed increase to the minimum wage, Tom Foley might be the only one who missed this legislation. After ‘learning’ of the state proposal from reporters today, Foley said he is only for the state’s increase if other states do it first. That’s following, certainly not leading.”

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When Asked About Raising Connecticut’s Minimum Wage To $10.10, Foley Replied “I Don’t Think Anybody’s Proposing That…,” And Then Stated “I Think We Need To Be Careful About Having A Minimum Wage Here In Connecticut That’s Higher Than Other States Because That Drives Jobs Out Of The State.” “Reporter: How about the state minimum wage policy for 10.10? Foley: I’m sorry? Reporter: I said how do you feel about the state proposed raise on the minimum wage? Foley: Well of course a national minimum wage that is 10.10 would require that the state have a minimum of 10.10. Reporter: I mean if you were governor and you got a bill that would raise ours… Foley: I don’t think anybody’s proposing that…. I’m talking about a national minimum wage. Reporter: There is a bill here in our legislature to raise our minimum wage to 10.10. Foley: But I assume you were asking me about why the President was here and what Governor Malloy was talking about. Reporter: No, no, no I’m asking you about the bill that’s in our legislature right now. Foley: I think we need to be careful about having a minimum wage here in Connecticut that’s higher than other states because that drives jobs out of the state. That’s why I support a national minimum wage. In the range of 10.10.” [Connecticut Policy Institute Press Conference, 3/7/14]

Foley Said The $10.10 Minimum Wage “Reasonable,” And “Required To Support A Family In Connecticut.” “Tom Foley, the 2010 Republican gubernatorial nominee who has been courting the Democratic base in his quest for a rematch this year, said the goal of a $10.10 minimum was reasonable. ‘It certainly doesn’t seem to me that’s out of the range of what’s required to support a family in Connecticut, the minimum required,’ Foley said. Foley said he favors a multi-tiered minimum, allowing a lower wage for entry-level workers or during a training period under some circumstances.” [Connecticut Mirror, 2/4/14]

Foley Said He “Backs The Two-Step Minimum Wage Increase Enacted By State Lawmakers In 2013.” “Tom Foley, a businessman from Greenwich who is considering a run for governor, expressed sympathy for the plight of low-wage workers. ‘I believe that the minimum wage ought to be something that works for families in Connecticut,’ he said. ‘We don’t want to drive additional jobs out of state, but we want to make sure people can earn a decent living.’ Foley, who was the 2010 Republican gubernatorial nominee, said he backs the two-step minimum wage increase enacted by state lawmakers in 2013. Under the law, the wage will rise to $9 an hour on Jan. 1, 2015. ‘It is, I would think, impossible to support a family on the minimum wage in Connecticut with just one job,’ Foley said.” [The Chronicle (Wilmantic), 1/6/14]


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