April 10, 2014/Press Releases

Did Tom Foley Compensate Rowland for Helping His 2010 Campaign?

Hartford, CT – This evening, convicted felon John Rowland was indicted on seven counts related to illegal activity in two congressional campaigns. According to the Hartford Courant in 2010, “Republican gubernatorial front-runner Tom Foley says that Ex-Gov. John G. Rowland has been informally helping him to gather political support around Rowland’s hometown of Waterbury.” The same article quotes John Rowland as saying, “When candidates call me and ask me to sit down and give advice, I’m happy to do it.”

Given Mr. Rowland’s felonious history and current federal indictments, Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo asked the following questions of Tom Foley:

1. What does “informally helping” mean?

2. Was Mr. Rowland compensated in any way, shape, or form for the advice he gave to Mr. Foley?

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