April 4, 2014/News

New DNC Video: This Week in Review

Here was the choice voters saw this week. Democrats have fought for expanded access to health care and today 7.1 million Americans have enrolled in private plans through the Affordable Care Act exchanges. As President Obama said on Tuesday, “The debate over repealing this law is over.” And Republicans? This week they made their priorities clear with the introduction of the next generation of the Ryan budget that lowers taxes for billionaires, shifting the burden onto poor and middle class Americans while cutting programs these Americans depend on—voucherizing Medicare and repealing Obamacare, kicking millions of Americans off their plans. Watch the new video from the DNC to see how this choice played out in coverage this week.


The difference couldn’t be more clear:

Democrats standing for affordable health care for more Americans.

Republicans standing for more cuts to the middle class and more tax cuts for billionaires.