June 16, 2014/Press Releases


“Did I Say Something Funny?”

– Tom Foley to the AFL-CIO. 6/16/14

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley’s efforts Monday to clarify his positions on labor issues before delegates at the AFL CIO convention were met with laughter and skepticism.”

– “Labor Laughs At Foley.” CT News Junkie. 06/16/14.

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley was greeted with derisive laughter Monday…”

– “Foley to a Mocking AFL-CIO: ‘Did I say something funny?’CT Mirror06/16/14.

“Foley’s words prompted a wave of laughter from the partisan audience at the AFL-CIO political convention.”

“Foley Seeks to Clarify His ‘Wisconsin Moment’ Remark.” Hartford Courant, Capitol Watch Blog06/16/14

“He has said he was not looking to change the way collective bargaining works in Connecticut. That’s what he told the convention room full of labor leaders Monday. They laughed.”

– “Labor Laughs At Foley.” CT News Junkie06/16/14.