July 1, 2014/Press Releases


Hartford, CT – It’s been nearly a full day since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its Hobby Lobby decision, yet Connecticut voters have heard almost nothing from the CT GOP or its gubernatorial candidates on where they stand on the ruling. Connecticut Democrats publicly expressed their support for women’s health care rights yesterday, with the Democratic Party even organizing a petition around the issue. Republicans, however, have been virtually silent.

It’s unacceptable.

“The Supreme Court’s decisions yesterday represented a resounding reminder to voters – elections matter. Tom Foley and John McKinney need to be forthcoming with the electorate on where they stand. Are you with women, or are you with corporations against women? The question could not be simpler. Throughout the campaign, the GOP candidates for Governor have resorted to deliberate distortions and reckless promises almost daily. But for the past 24 hours? Radio silence. Gentlemen, silence is not an option. Where you stand on women’s health care rights is not something you can hide from Connecticut voters – they have a right to know. I call on Tom Foley and John McKinney to tell us exactly where they stand on the Hobby Lobby decision,” said Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo.