August 13, 2014/Press Releases


Hartford, CT — Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo released the following statement on Tom Foley’s winning the Republican gubernatorial primary:

“With extraordinarily low turnout, today Republicans showed their lack of enthusiasm for the candidates running. For the few Republicans who did show up, they selected Tom Foley, who has run a campaign avoiding the tough questions and totally devoid of specifics and details.

“Elections are about the future — and in November, voters will have a very clear choice. We can keep moving forward, or we can roll back the clock.”

“During this campaign, Tom Foley has been investigated for irregularities in campaign spending. He has shamefully blamed workers for losing their jobs in Sprague. He called our smart gun law ‘inconvenient’. And he still refuses to detail any policy specifics — on any issue.

“Over the past three years Governor Malloy and Lt. Governor Wyman have made the tough choices. Through steady leadership, they’ve delivered progress — more than 55,000 private sector jobs created, hundreds of millions in additional dollars for our schools, one of the best implementations of the Affordable Care Act in the nation, major drops in crime, and the smartest gun law in the country.

“Tom Foley won’t just halt that progress — he will take Connecticut backwards. As someone who lined his pockets while laying off droves of honest, hard-working, middle-class employees at Bibb, he will no doubt roll back the clock for working families and women, from healthcare to schools — and ultimately, Connecticut’s future.”