September 30, 2014/Press Releases

Bawwwwk, Bawk, Bawk, Bukawwwwwk!

Hartford, CT — This morning Tom Foley had some guests near his Southington headquarters protesting his refusal not only to be transparent about his state tax returns, but also to fully release his tax history to the public as Governor Malloy did.

Last week, the Foley campaign said the partial, highly-staged release was only “for the media”.

So what might Tom Foley’s state tax returns show?

  • That he owns high-value property outside of Connecticut?
  • That he paid more in taxes to neighboring states than he has to ours?
  • The number of states he’s registered corporations or earns income?
  • The specific companies that gained or lost money?

Since he blacked out his address on his federal tax forms, did Tom Foley list Connecticut as his primary address on his tax forms?

In short, he’s chicken — because he’s hiding facts.

Photos are below.

Tom Foley is Chicken - 1 Tom Foley is Chicken - 2 (1) Tom Foley is Chicken - 3 (1) Tom Foley is Chicken - 4 Tom Foley is Chicken - 6 Tom Foley is Chicken - 5 (1) Tom Foley is Chicken - 7