October 2, 2014/Press Releases


Hartford, CT — According to Hearst Connecticut Media’s Ken Dixon, it appears that Tom Foley made tens of thousands of dollars in political contributions in 2011 and 2012 — the same time he was paying a zero percent effective federal tax rate.

As Tom Foley was paying almost no taxes, he was able to dole out $27,000 to Republicans across the country:

  • $5,000 — the maximum individual contribution — to Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign
  • Another $7,500 to outside super PACs supporting Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign
  • $7,500 to the Connecticut Republican Party
  • $2,500 to Linda McMahon
  • $1,000 to Maine U.S. Senate Republican candidate Bruce Poliquin
  • $1,000 to Republican Congressional candidate Wayne Winsley
  • $2,500 to Republican Congressional candidate Steve Obsitnik

Last week, by blacking out his address on his tax forms, Tom Foley refused to reveal if Connecticut is even his primary address. Is that because it’s outside of Connecticut? By refusing to show anyone his state tax returns, he won’t tell us where he earns income, owns property, or how much he pays in taxes to neighboring states. Does he pay more in neighboring states than he does here?

Hypocrisy abounds.

“We already knew that Tom Foley owns a seven-bedroom mansion and a $5 million yacht. What we didn’t know is that as Tom Foley is paying almost the bare minimum in taxes, he’s simultaneously maxing out to Republican candidates,” said Devon Puglia, Democratic Party spokesman. “This is what people like Tom Foley do — they exploit workers and middle class families and then refuse to pay their fair share. It’s absolutely backwards that Tom Foley is making thousands and thousands in political contributions across the country as he’s paying a zero percent federal tax rate.”