October 24, 2014/News, Press Releases


Hartford, CT We have 11 days until Election Day, and this week was a particularly bad week for Tom Foley. Throughout his run for Governor, his campaign has achieved disaster-of-biblical-proportions status for its extraordinary oversights and unbelievable unforced errors. But this week — with Election Day around the corner — was particularly bad.

On Monday

  • Instead of following Governor Malloy’s lead by releasing his state tax returns, Tom Foley continued to hide them, leading to questions about whether he pays more in taxes to other states, whether Connecticut is even his primary residence, or whether he receives income on his $5 million yacht.
  • For months Tom Foley has said nothing about our consistent job growth as he roots for Connecticut’s failure. When there’s bad news, he pounces. When Connecticut moves forward, he’s radio silent. This week, Connecticut’s job numbers in September were the best in 20 years.

On Tuesday

  • While hundreds and hundreds of Mayors and municipal leaders from 130 cities and towns waited to hear him speak at the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, Tom Foley couldn’t be found. He actually arrived 30 minutes late.  
  • He said definitively that he would not participate in NBC Connecticut’s debate. That eventually hurt him later in the week.
  • Tom Foley’s refusal to release his tax returns continued. Others said, “Foley could make this a lot easier by sharing more.”

On Wednesday

  • At a forum before affordable housing advocates, Tom Foley demonstrated a “startling”lack of knowledge about the most basic issues.
  • Governor Malloy, meanwhile, has invested more in affordable housing in three and a half years than what was invested over the last two decades.

On Thursday

  • The Connecticut State Police Union endorsed Governor Malloy for re-election. Apparently Tom Foley “botched” his endorsement interview, and “first showed up on the wrong day, then arrived unprepared on the right day.”

On Friday

  • Fallout continued over Tom Foley’s refusal to debate the issues the night before, choosing instead to tape Face the State.
  • After NBC Connecticut’s Gerry Brooks told the audience no less than five times why Tom Foley refused to participate, the Republican candidate went on the radio Friday and continued to lie about his rationale for skipping the debate.
  • The Hartford Courant endorsed Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman for re-election, saying the Governor “is something Connecticut hasn’t seen in a while, a hands-on manager who took on the serious problems facing the state.”